What are the spiritual gifts

What are the Spiritual Gifts? This show travels into various spiritual gifts and their definitions.  The question of “what are the spiritual gifts” is one that is acknowledged best from within and not by outward consideration of what the group consensus is as it pertains to spiritual endowments. We come to this planet with a… Continue reading What are the spiritual gifts

Spirituality or Religion

Spirituality or Religion Would you rather an earthly title or spiritual authority? This episode goes into the reasons why traditional spiritual systems are so often misunderstood and how we can get back on track to reclaiming our lost internal magic. In this episode we delve into the misconception of spirituality. Let’s explore the question of… Continue reading Spirituality or Religion

Oduduwa – Omnipotent, The Womb, Pluto, Transformation

Oduduwa is the power of the womb. Oduduwa represents omnipotency, the ability to affect and reconstruct the physical reality at will. Listen to the Oduduwa Broadcast here: Join us every week and stay in the know about our latest broadcasts by clicking the “Follow” button at: www.blogtalkradio.com/enlightenmentandtransformation

Obatala – Omnipresence, Purity, Meditation, Wealth, Silence

OBATALA Chief of the White Cloth who represents the arch-typical force of omnipresence. Although not an Orisa as most often referred to, Obatla is a direction emanation of OLODUMARE. OBALTALA represents your creative/creator spark and ability to move beyond human thought into the way of divine intention and knowing. Similar Energies : DAMBALLAH, ASR, OSIRUS,… Continue reading Obatala – Omnipresence, Purity, Meditation, Wealth, Silence