What is a Psychic?

What is a Psychic? What is a psychic and do some of us have this talent in born? How we can all develop it to a greater degree? Is the notion of a psychic connected to our initiations into native spiritual systems? Is there a dissimilarity between a psychic and an instinctive person? What is… Continue reading What is a Psychic?

Olokun – Subconscious, Ancestors, Inner Demons

Olokun Olokun is the force and power of the unconscious mind. The sleeping giant, if you will. The name, itself, means “Owner of the Ocean”. Olo- Owner and Okun/kun-Ocean. This powerful water Orisa governs the concept of space and is apart of the triune of powers (Olorun, Olokun, and Onile). This Orisa is the energy… Continue reading Olokun – Subconscious, Ancestors, Inner Demons

Ogun – The acidic force of analysation, technology, and war

Ogun Ogun is the analytic force of the galaxy. His nature is Acidic and his military prowess and strength are unmatched. Ogun is the remover or obstacles and ego driven obstructions. He is male virility and unbridled potential epitomized. Similar Energies: Herucles, Zarabanda, Ogou, Gu, Mars, Aries, Apollo, HRU-Khuti, Heimdall  Listen to the full Ogun… Continue reading Ogun – The acidic force of analysation, technology, and war

Oya – Transformation

Oya “Oya is a cleansing force. Invoke her to clear the air and create a safe space to settle disputes. We see the process of things being swept clean as she is the hurricane and winds that remove objects and completely reface the landscape/properties of ownership. Within the vortex of her storm Oya holds all… Continue reading Oya – Transformation

Osun, Sola, Venus – The power of connectivity

Osun Osun/LOVE/KNOWLEDGE is the greatest way to deification but, the journey may cause one to transform into someone who loses the trappings of materialism and vanity that are synonymous with a human existence. Osun is the deity of fertility, abundance, and love, to name a few things but, this frequently under estimated force is also… Continue reading Osun, Sola, Venus – The power of connectivity

Yemoja- The Great Mother!!

Yemoja This session deals with the Great Mother deities and the purpose for invoking them. In this episode we deal with the energy of the maternal force of life. We’ll look at some of the duality that exist within the feminine principle and how those energies balance themselves interdependently. Deities addressed: Yemoja, Auset, Isis, Het… Continue reading Yemoja- The Great Mother!!

Eshu – The Gatekeeper and Opener of the Way

Eshu “Baba Esu is “Onibode” (the gatekeeper between Heaven and earth); known by many names such as Tata Eleggua, Exu, Eshu, Elegba,Elegbara, Legba, and Papa Elegba. Messenger of the Orisa, the guardian at the threshold between the physical and a metaphysical plain; Esu is everywhere. It is said Esu resides at the crossroad, opens and… Continue reading Eshu – The Gatekeeper and Opener of the Way

Sex, Polarities, and Mixed Martial Arts

Sex, Polarity, and Mixed Martial Arts Come learn about the various ways to look at polarities and where OSUN really wants to reside.   Listen to the show on Sex, Polarity, and Mixed martial Arts here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/enlightenmentandtransformation/2012/10/12/sex-polarities-and-mixed-martial-arts Orisha | Sex | Polarity | Positive Thought | Orgasm

Spirituality or Religion

Spirituality or Religion Would you rather an earthly title or spiritual authority? This episode goes into the reasons why traditional spiritual systems are so often misunderstood and how we can get back on track to reclaiming our lost internal magic. In this episode we delve into the misconception of spirituality. Let’s explore the question of… Continue reading Spirituality or Religion

Ritual and Prayer – How to make sure they actually work

Ritual and Prayer Wonder why your rituals are not working? Why are your prayers not being answered? Are the spirits really working with you or are you imagining things? This show answers these questions and much more. Listen to the broadcast on Prayers and Ritual here:   Join us every week and stay in the… Continue reading Ritual and Prayer – How to make sure they actually work