Divination: Unlocking Your Intuition

Divination Divination is an important practice in African Spiritual Tradition. Through divination, a practitioner is able to communicate with his/her Ori, Egun, and the Orisha. In this segment of Enlightenment and Transformation Chief Yuya responds to an inquiry regarding Obi divination. One inquiry is in relation to the Obi directions and casting surface information found… Continue reading Divination: Unlocking Your Intuition

Who is God?

Who is God? In this segment Chief Yuya shares his understanding of God. The concept of a supreme intelligence has been defined and redefined over time. Individuals and religions alike have attempted to pinpoint the very nature of God. The question “Who is God?” has been pondered and discussed throughout antiquity. Much of what we… Continue reading Who is God?

Sun Power: Are You Self-Sustaining?

Sun, Solar Power, Moving Off the Grid   A consistent theme of Chief H. Yuya Assaan-Anu’s this year, has been one of self-sufficiency.  He encourages self-reliance in Divination and is adamant about our consulting our Ori before any entity outside of us. Chief’s push for Self-Actualization was even weaved throughout the tips he offered for mental, physical,… Continue reading Sun Power: Are You Self-Sustaining?

Sound Vibrations: What does our intention dictate?

Sound Vibrations: What does our intention dictate?   I used to try as hard as I could to sing notes designed for Sopranos. The problem is that I’m an Alto and a second alto, at that. For those of you who never sang in a choir, know that this means I have a low voice.… Continue reading Sound Vibrations: What does our intention dictate?

Decoding the Movie Thor

Decoding the Movie God of Thunder Thor What does Odin and Thor represent? Decoding the movie Thor will give you a deeper understanding   When dealing with the science of decoding movies, it can be pretty deep or you can keep it light.  The movies that come out of Holly weird often have messages for… Continue reading Decoding the Movie Thor

How To – Thunder Ritual

How To- Thunder Ritual How To – Thunder Ritual? Come and learn to harness the power of lightning and thunder Thunder and lightning often invokes fear in the bodies of men.  The heavens crack open and a flash of light streaks across the sky. Delighting the senses while creating awe in the moment.  Lightning is… Continue reading How To – Thunder Ritual


Sangoma While reclaiming one’s true identity, it can be helpful look at the similarities within the Pan African and indigenous traditions for clarity. One beautiful tradition that originated with the Bantu people from Swaziland  is the Sangoma tradition. Typically the diviners of this tradition are known to use bones to understand what the energies are… Continue reading Sangoma


Shango Sango is the energy of equilibrium, circumspection, leadership, life, charm, masculinity, lightening, fire, wind, and royal ascendancy. This cosmic force is invoked of matters where courage, strategic communication, manliness, and domination of enemies is desired Sango is the Red of Aggression (Ogun) and the White of Justice (Obatala). Deities addressed: Sango, Thor, Simbi Nation,… Continue reading Shango