Ifa the Special Prophet

Ifa the Special Prophet Who develops the children in our community?  When it comes to character development, there isn’t much conversation centering on it. Too often the Afrakan children spend much of their time consuming television and developing warped personalities.  I know I did. Television was a staple, it came with breakfast and dinner only… Continue reading Ifa the Special Prophet

Orunmila – Omniscience, Wisdom, Knowledge

Orunmila Orunmila is known as “Eleri ipin Ibikeji Oludumare – Witness to all choice of destiny second only to The Supreme Being”. Although not the oldest of the Orisa, Orunmila was there when we decided our destinies and will know when we leave Aye, if we’ve realized those destinies or not. Listen to information on… Continue reading Orunmila – Omniscience, Wisdom, Knowledge