Divination: Unlocking Your Intuition

Divination Divination is an important practice in African Spiritual Tradition. Through divination, a practitioner is able to communicate with his/her Ori, Egun, and the Orisha. In this segment of Enlightenment and Transformation Chief Yuya responds to an inquiry regarding Obi divination. One inquiry is in relation to the Obi directions and casting surface information found… Continue reading Divination: Unlocking Your Intuition

December 2014 Odu and Reading

December Reading for 2014 December promises to be an interesting month! Last year, Chief divined for the spiritual gifts, including financial gifts, that were available in the first quarter of 2014 and also for the work that was required on our part, to actually receive them. ¬†Although another reading will be done in January 2015,… Continue reading December 2014 Odu and Reading

Initiation and the Sacred Odu of Ogbe Owonrin

Initiation and the Sacred Odu of Ogbe Owonrin   Initiation means that one is starting a journey. ¬†One odu that speaks to this, states that once one is initiated then they can then initiate, which means that once they have removed the crud and dogma, and is clean, one has a clean slate and be… Continue reading Initiation and the Sacred Odu of Ogbe Owonrin

Ifa and The Real Orisha

The Real Orisha H. Yuya Assaan-ANU joins Alim Bey on his radio show to discuss African indigenous sciences and how it applies to various systems. The word Ifa means to scratch, engrave or impress upon. That means that Ifa means to go beneath the surface. Find out the spiritual sub-contexts to a physical manifestation. Ifa… Continue reading Ifa and The Real Orisha

Yoruba Patakis Part 2: Breaking Down the Song “Respiration”

Yoruba Patakis Don’t forget to check out today’s show which we have captured in this video as our Chief Jegna Yuya breaks down the Song Respiration which he compares to a Yoruba Patakis! Listen to the Blogtalk Radio show on the Yoruba Pataki’s here:   Check out our Youtube Video of our broadcast here Join… Continue reading Yoruba Patakis Part 2: Breaking Down the Song “Respiration”

Oduduwa – Omnipotent, The Womb, Pluto, Transformation

Oduduwa is the power of the womb. Oduduwa represents omnipotency, the ability to affect and reconstruct the physical reality at will. Listen to the Oduduwa Broadcast here: Join us every week and stay in the know about our latest broadcasts by clicking the “Follow” button at: www.blogtalkradio.com/enlightenmentandtransformation