Divination: Unlocking Your Intuition

Divination Divination is an important practice in African Spiritual Tradition. Through divination, a practitioner is able to communicate with his/her Ori, Egun, and the Orisha. In this segment of Enlightenment and Transformation Chief Yuya responds to an inquiry regarding Obi divination. One inquiry is in relation to the Obi directions and casting surface information found… Continue reading Divination: Unlocking Your Intuition

What is a Psychic?

What is a Psychic? What is a psychic and do some of us have this talent in born? How we can all develop it to a greater degree? Is the notion of a psychic connected to our initiations into native spiritual systems? Is there a dissimilarity between a psychic and an instinctive person? What is… Continue reading What is a Psychic?