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Fear: How Deep Does Its Effects Go?

Fear Chief Yuya shared his insight on fear in a way that was far too complete to simply “blog” about it. The following are merely chips off the jewel he shared.  The link to it, as well as the music compilations in which he creatively shared it, can be found at the bottom. Enjoy. Is… Continue reading Fear: How Deep Does Its Effects Go?

Polygamy is About Family

Polygamy On this week’s episode of ANU Asafo we bring to you an expert on plural family and marriage Hondo Solomon.  Brother Hondo Solomon is the author of The Polygamist Papers: An Introduction to Polygamous Culture and Its Principles, Pitfalls, and Ethics, and the host of The Polygamist Papers radio broadcast.  He is a thought… Continue reading Polygamy is About Family

Your Spirit Animal Family

Your Spirit Animal Family  Want to Learn about Your Spirit Animal Family? Come learn about your responsibility to the Animal Kingdom Horses are so beautiful and majestic.  One day I hope to have enough land so that a family of wild horses could live peaceably and I could observe their untamed numinosity.  This week on… Continue reading Your Spirit Animal Family