Ancestral Worship in Film

 Ancestral Worship in Film What about  Ancestral Worship in Film? Come learn about one man’s journey to sacred healing in Africa  This week on the ANU Asafo segment we have guest James Weeks discussing Ancestral worship in film.  He created the forthcoming and important documentary Across the King’s River which is about his family’s journey… Continue reading Ancestral Worship in Film

Life lessons

Life Lessons Q&A for life lessons? Come learn about the subtle signs that life brings In this week’s segment, the Chief Jegna HRU Yuya Assaan-ANU answered questions for life lesson. He will be answering questions every third Friday on Enlightenment and Transformation. He began the segment with “feeding the spirit of gratitude” and breaking down the… Continue reading Life lessons

Pan Africanism and the Ancestors

Pan Africanism and the Ancestors  What is Pan Africanism and the Ancestors? Come and learn about the the Akan spiritual system and how it relates to redefining what you think you are   Reclaiming and redefining our identity as Afrakans is important in healing of ourselves and community.  During the Mafaa, the enslavement process, the… Continue reading Pan Africanism and the Ancestors