Sustainable Living-Self Sufficiency

Self-Sufficiency This incredibly empowering and enlightening segment of Anu Asafo sheds a much-needed light on the imperative of sustainable living for anyone concerned with real freedom and viable living. KM of Anu Asafo, the offspring of Anu Nation, spoke with the founders of Black Oaks Center, Dr Jifunza and Fred Carter. Permaculture is a branch… Continue reading Sustainable Living-Self Sufficiency

Spiritual Awakening: Are you holding back?

Spiritual Awakening Creation stories span the globe:  God, Ra, Brahma, Nebertcher, Obatala all created. The stories did not stop there. The created began creating and changing in countless ways. Atoms are ever-moving. So, regardless of one’s attempt to “be still,” WE are ever-moving.  Atom-contained energy can slow down, but it is never “still”…even at Zero degrees as some be-LIE-ve. It is not possible to… Continue reading Spiritual Awakening: Are you holding back?