KM KM (pronounced Kim) is the host of ANU Asafo and has been a student of culture and spirituality since she was a child, and fell in love with indigenous spirituality when she discovered the works of Zora Neale Hurston. Growing up in the South, she noticed a deep seeded sense of racial pride and inferiority among Black people in her family and community. This was something that fueled her search for a deeper understanding of such a dichotomy among African Americans. Throughout her years as a student she searched for African and African American greats in the arts, philosophy, and sciences.

KM  completed her education in the field of Chemistry, but secretly developed a serious interest in Cultural Anthropology. After working in the fields of chemistry, education, and telecommunications, she found herself returning to explore her first passion of spirituality and culture. Under the guidance of Dr. Mitchell Gibson, her first real experience of studying under a spiritual teacher, she discovered and nourished a latent gift of working with her ancestors. This gift led her to the Anu Order where she is currently enrolled as a student and is discovering and exploring her true soul’s purpose under Chief Jegna HRU Yuya Assaan-ANU.

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