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The Enlightenment & Transformation network houses the media experiences for ANU Nation and is founded by Chief Jegna H. Yuya Assaan ANU, where all programming prepares listeners for their own spiritual shift.

The programming on this network also serves as an addendum to our course offerings provided at The Sadulu House Spiritual Center and includes a catalog of over 275 shows that delve into the dark aspects of life altering wisdom, and the illumination of soul via occult studies, holistic health information, self-hypnosis, mental deprogramming, and cultural education. It also provides the resources necessary for listeners to alter their own reality.  The Enlightenment & Transformation network is called by some, "The best in spiritual radio".

As listeners discover what the Enlightenment & Transformation network has to offer,they will discover information on the Yoruba Orisha tradition, Santeria, Lucumi, African Religion, Metaphysics, Occult information, Cultural Education, and Community development.

The Enlightenment & Transformation network urges you to not only listen and watch our media programming, but to participate and become an active member of Anu Nation by initiating your spiritual journey at the Sadulu House Spiritual Center.

The Enlightenment & Transformation network believes that every listener has the potential to become the God and Goddess they were meant to be.

Explore our entire catalog and join us every week to stay updated on our latest broadcasts by clicking the "Follow" button at:

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  1. I met you through the HFRN network you are very helpful and I would like to be on your email list.



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