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How You Can Make an Impact

ANU Nation is a community design organization also known as a Free Church whose programs and services often depend on sponsors and philanthropic support from generous individuals, foundations, and businesses.
The majority of our programs and services are delivered free or at nominal costs to adults and youth across the globe.

While as a social enterprise, generated revenue supports our programs and services, ANU Nation solicits support from diverse sources including individuals, and sponsorship from small to large businesses in order to stimulate growth and provide consistent quality programs and services.


Sponsorship Opportunities

Below please find a list of ANU Nation's programs and services where we welcome your support! Continue reading to learn more about how you or your organization can become a partner in helping us better serve individuals and communities internationally.

  • Sadulu House Spiritual Center 
  • Enlightenment and Transformation Radio Broadcast Network
  • Africa Initiative
  • Eye of Hru Spiritual Consultations
  • ANU Nation Events
  • Corporate Sponsors

Sadulu House Spiritual Center    Self-Actualization-Workshop2-1030x576

The Sadulu House Spiritual Center is the learning ministry of ANU Nation. We currently offer free and paid courses. We offer scholarships for selected individuals looking to join our community. We keep our courses accessible so that we may spread indigenous thought and wisdom far and wide. We are improving the state and quality of life for individuals, families, and communities internationally.

Annual Goal: $ 2,000

One-Time Donations

Recurring Donations

Enlightenment and Transformation RadioBroadcast Network

Enlightenment and Transformation


Enlightenment and Transformation Radio Broadcast Network is the Media component of ANU Nation.

The Enlightenment and Transformation Radio Broadcast Network platform provides free daily broadcasts that also serve as additional learning resources to our Sadulu House Spiritual Center courses. Our broadcasts provide stimulating life altering wisdom, and cultural education to an international audience.

Annual Goal: $4,000

One-Time Donations 

Recurring Donations

Africa Initiative 

Africa Initiative is an ongoing community restoration and humanity effort.

This project's mission is to bring advancement to disadvantaged regions in Africa in the form of technology, land development, and spiritual education. Ongoing projects include:

  • Building a Computer Lab
  • Orphanage Program Development
  • Building a dormitory for ANU Retreats to the Continent

Fulfillment of this project provides an opportunity to improve conditions and improve the opportunities of our domestic and continental kin.

Annual Goal: $20,000

One-Time Donations

Recurring Donations

Eye of HRU Spiritual Consultations                                  Spiritual-Readings-Banner

Eye of HRU Spiritual Consultations provide the needed family, spiritual, and psychological counseling for the greater community. Consultations are offered at accessible rates and are administered across the globe. Our consultations aim to provide one with powerful insight and guidance and the tools to self empowerment improving one's overall well-being.

Annual Goal: $500.00

One-Time Donations

Recurring Donations

ANU Nation Events 

Self Actualization Mix - 2014_soundcloud

ANU Nation Events offer us an opportunity to serve the evangelical mission and teaching ministry to the public in the form of workshops and lectures. Events are provided on a monthly basis and presented by Sadulu House Spiritual Center members and founder; Chief Jegna; H. Yuya Assaan-ANU.

Current projects include:

  • Self hosted lectures and workshops
  • Webinars
  • Summer Tours

Past projects included “Self Actualization Cross Country Tour 2014. Check out our 2014 tour video here:

Annual Goal: $4,000

One-Time Donations

Recurring Donations

For additional questions please contact us at 1-800-ANU-Living. We thank you for your ongoing support!

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