Psychic Abilities

Psychic Abilities Divination is an important practice in African spiritual traditions. Practitioners are encouraged to develop their sixth sense in order to divine for themselves and others. Teacher Chief Yuya shares tools for sharpening one’s psychic abilities. Vibration Divination is not cut and dry. Nor does it come easily. To be a good diviner one… Continue reading Psychic Abilities

Grow Your Business with the Energy of Manifestation

Manifestation In another episode of Master Mind Mondays, host Phylecia Tarael-ANU enlightens listeners on how to invoke Orisha Yemoja and her energy of manifestation. The Great Mother Yemoja is rarely associated with business but is an excellent Orisha to call on for success in business endeavors. In the Yoruba Spiritual Tradition, Orisha Yemoja is the… Continue reading Grow Your Business with the Energy of Manifestation

Is Dust Divine?

Dust: What exactly did our ancestors leave behind? The only good we ever see in dust, is it’s absence when we wipe it away. Removing the tiny particles created by our day-to-day living can become such a tedious task that we tend to leave it right where it is. Dust however, is so much more… Continue reading Is Dust Divine?

The Heart And Soul Intelligence

The Heart and Soul Intelligence In this broadcast entitled “The Heart and Soul Intelligence” our host and Chief Jegna of the Sadulu House Spiritual Center, H. Yuya Assaan-ANU appears as a guest on the Dr. Alim Bey show and teaches us about the deeper meaning of the heart. It was here that I learned that… Continue reading The Heart And Soul Intelligence

Baba Oluwo Faseye discusses West African Traditions

Baba Oluwo Faseye Discusses West African Traditions   What about West African Traditions? Come and learn about Baba Oluwo Faseye journey to connect with his Ancestral line In this episode of ANU Asafo BabaOluwo Ifagbemi Fasaye discusses a variety of aspects of traditional African Religion, specifically Ifa.  Based in Seattle, Washington Baba Ifagbemi Faseye is… Continue reading Baba Oluwo Faseye discusses West African Traditions

Yoruba Patakis Part 2: Breaking Down the Song “Respiration”

Yoruba Patakis Don’t forget to check out today’s show which we have captured in this video as our Chief Jegna Yuya breaks down the Song Respiration which he compares to a Yoruba Patakis! Listen to the Blogtalk Radio show on the Yoruba Pataki’s here:   Check out our Youtube Video of our broadcast here Join… Continue reading Yoruba Patakis Part 2: Breaking Down the Song “Respiration”

Understanding the Yoruba Pataki

Yoruba Pataki Don’t forget to tune into tonight’s show to learn about Yoruba Pataki’s as well as listen to our Chief Jegna Yuya, as he breaks down a Yoruba tale live on air! H. Yuya Assaan-ANU walks you through a process of decoding a phrase and uncovering the gems of wisdom in these stories attached… Continue reading Understanding the Yoruba Pataki