Psychic Abilities

Psychic Abilities Divination is an important practice in African spiritual traditions. Practitioners are encouraged to develop their sixth sense in order to divine for themselves and others. Teacher Chief Yuya shares tools for sharpening one’s psychic abilities. Vibration Divination is not cut and dry. Nor does it come easily. To be a good diviner one… Continue reading Psychic Abilities


Integrity In another installment of Thunderground Thursdays, host H. Yuya Assaan-ANU continues to break down the qualities of leadership. He indicates that a good leader must possess honor, character, and integrity.  Integrity is the focus of this session. Integrity is the foundation of leadership. We often associate the word integrity with moral uprightness, but Chief… Continue reading Integrity

Is Dust Divine?

Dust: What exactly did our ancestors leave behind? The only good we ever see in dust, is it’s absence when we wipe it away. Removing the tiny particles created by our day-to-day living can become such a tedious task that we tend to leave it right where it is. Dust however, is so much more… Continue reading Is Dust Divine?

December 2014 Odu and Reading

December Reading for 2014 December promises to be an interesting month! Last year, Chief divined for the spiritual gifts, including financial gifts, that were available in the first quarter of 2014 and also for the work that was required on our part, to actually receive them.  Although another reading will be done in January 2015,… Continue reading December 2014 Odu and Reading

Procrastination: Is it a spiritual phenomenon?

Procrastination: Is it a spiritual phenomenon? When I started the Anu Spiritual Training course, I was sure it would be a breeze. I thought I was pretty self-disciplined and beyond prepared to have my ideals and perceptions challenged. Fear and an over-inflated ego are good for that. In my first few days, I was excited! Excited… Continue reading Procrastination: Is it a spiritual phenomenon?

Chief Yuya Releases His 3rd Master Mixtape: Arrive Together

Mixtape ANU Nation certainly pulls all of its tricks out of its hat in order to stimulate our senses. Sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch will be galvanized on some level through your engagement of the various learning components offered through ANU Nation aimed to enhance your spiritual growth and learning experience. In this moment… Continue reading Chief Yuya Releases His 3rd Master Mixtape: Arrive Together

Oya – Transformation

Oya “Oya is a cleansing force. Invoke her to clear the air and create a safe space to settle disputes. We see the process of things being swept clean as she is the hurricane and winds that remove objects and completely reface the landscape/properties of ownership. Within the vortex of her storm Oya holds all… Continue reading Oya – Transformation

Lord Krsna, Vishnu, Kaliya, Rama and Hurricane Sandy!

Be sure to check out today’s show as we explore some avatars of the Vedic system, as well as the connection to Hurricane Sandy! This session touches on the relevance of this powerful storm in this time and the November Full Moon celebration of Krishna. We show the correlations between Krsna and Rama as related… Continue reading Lord Krsna, Vishnu, Kaliya, Rama and Hurricane Sandy!