Is Dust Divine?

Dust: What exactly did our ancestors leave behind? The only good we ever see in dust, is it’s absence when we wipe it away. Removing the tiny particles created by our day-to-day living can become such a tedious task that we tend to leave it right where it is. Dust however, is so much more… Continue reading Is Dust Divine?

Polygamy is About Family

Polygamy On this week’s episode of ANU Asafo we bring to you an expert on plural family and marriage Hondo Solomon.  Brother Hondo Solomon is the author of The Polygamist Papers: An Introduction to Polygamous Culture and Its Principles, Pitfalls, and Ethics, and the host of The Polygamist Papers radio broadcast.  He is a thought… Continue reading Polygamy is About Family

Symbols and Meanings – Aleph

The Aleph The letter A teaches us the supremacy of spiritual evolution and movement as depicted by the spiral configuration of it’s Hebraic and Phoenician representation. The letter “A” as depicted in our Hebraic alphabet is referred to as “Aleph”. It’s image is that of a yolk; more specifically the yolk of an oxen or… Continue reading Symbols and Meanings – Aleph