Wasted Spiritual Gifts

Wasted Spiritual Gifts In this episode we deal with the concept of possessing your own spiritual journey . Also, are we stuck in circles of mysticism or are we using are mystical powers to make a better world for ourselves and others? Listen to this broadcast here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/enlightenmentandtransformation/2012/10/05/wasted-spiritual-gifts–what-are-the-spiritual-gifts If you’re interested in enrolling in classes head over to our… Continue reading Wasted Spiritual Gifts

Why Pray?

Why Pray? Are you praying or being PREYED on? In this episode I explain the true nature of prayer and correct techniques to activate your spiritual resources and guardians. Stop thinking you have to accept what is; you can create the “what is”. Say it and make it so. Listen to the show here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/enlightenmentandtransformation/2012/09/28/why-pray “pray (v.)… Continue reading Why Pray?

Osoosi – Astral Travel, Problem solving, The Hunter-Tracker

Osoosi Orisha! tracker, brother to Ogun and Sango. This seat of consciousness is often overlooked and its one of the reasons our life goes wayward even though were putting forth an enormous amount of energy to what we consider to be the solution. Join me as we decode the metaphysical significance of Osoosi, Sagitarious, and Matalumbo. Listen… Continue reading Osoosi – Astral Travel, Problem solving, The Hunter-Tracker

Spirituality or Religion

Spirituality or Religion Would you rather an earthly title or spiritual authority? This episode goes into the reasons why traditional spiritual systems are so often misunderstood and how we can get back on track to reclaiming our lost internal magic. In this episode we delve into the misconception of spirituality. Let’s explore the question of… Continue reading Spirituality or Religion

Ritual and Prayer – How to make sure they actually work

Ritual and Prayer Wonder why your rituals are not working? Why are your prayers not being answered? Are the spirits really working with you or are you imagining things? This show answers these questions and much more. Listen to the broadcast on Prayers and Ritual here:   Join us every week and stay in the… Continue reading Ritual and Prayer – How to make sure they actually work

Orunmila – Omniscience, Wisdom, Knowledge

Orunmila Orunmila is known as “Eleri ipin Ibikeji Oludumare – Witness to all choice of destiny second only to The Supreme Being”. Although not the oldest of the Orisa, Orunmila was there when we decided our destinies and will know when we leave Aye, if we’ve realized those destinies or not. Listen to information on… Continue reading Orunmila – Omniscience, Wisdom, Knowledge

Oduduwa – Omnipotent, The Womb, Pluto, Transformation

Oduduwa is the power of the womb. Oduduwa represents omnipotency, the ability to affect and reconstruct the physical reality at will. Listen to the Oduduwa Broadcast here: Join us every week and stay in the know about our latest broadcasts by clicking the “Follow” button at: www.blogtalkradio.com/enlightenmentandtransformation

Obatala – Omnipresence, Purity, Meditation, Wealth, Silence

OBATALA Chief of the White Cloth who represents the arch-typical force of omnipresence. Although not an Orisa as most often referred to, Obatla is a direction emanation of OLODUMARE. OBALTALA represents your creative/creator spark and ability to move beyond human thought into the way of divine intention and knowing. Similar Energies : DAMBALLAH, ASR, OSIRUS,… Continue reading Obatala – Omnipresence, Purity, Meditation, Wealth, Silence