The Power of Harmony

Harmony Ever feel off balance, awkward, or uncoordinated? The solution may be simpler than you think. In the spiritual community, we hear about harmony and balance all the time, but do we really know how to harness the power of harmony? In this episode of Foundational Fridays, Chief Yuya breaks down the meaning of the… Continue reading The Power of Harmony

Wind Power -Gone With the Wind

Wind Power In this segment, Chief Yuya discusses wind power and breaks down the element of air or wind. For anyone that studies or practices any  spiritual system, understanding the elemental energies is fundamentally important. The Yoruba language is very intricately designed. It uses tonal variations of the same word to give different meanings, all… Continue reading Wind Power -Gone With the Wind

Osumare: The Spirit of the Rainbow

Rainbow African Spiritual Tradition teaches that all aspects of nature have consciousness or spiritual energy. This energy can be found in a blade of grass, a stone or a bird. Consequently, even the Rainbow possesses consciousness. The spirit of the rainbow is referred to as Orisha Osumare. In this episode of Foundational Friday, Chief Jegna… Continue reading Osumare: The Spirit of the Rainbow

Divination: Unlocking Your Intuition

Divination Divination is an important practice in African Spiritual Tradition. Through divination, a practitioner is able to communicate with his/her Ori, Egun, and the Orisha. In this segment of Enlightenment and Transformation Chief Yuya responds to an inquiry regarding Obi divination. One inquiry is in relation to the Obi directions and casting surface information found… Continue reading Divination: Unlocking Your Intuition

Who is God?

Who is God? In this segment Chief Yuya shares his understanding of God. The concept of a supreme intelligence has been defined and redefined over time. Individuals and religions alike have attempted to pinpoint the very nature of God. The question “Who is God?” has been pondered and discussed throughout antiquity. Much of what we… Continue reading Who is God?

Psychic Abilities

Psychic Abilities Divination is an important practice in African spiritual traditions. Practitioners are encouraged to develop their sixth sense in order to divine for themselves and others. Teacher Chief Yuya shares tools for sharpening one’s psychic abilities. Vibration Divination is not cut and dry. Nor does it come easily. To be a good diviner one… Continue reading Psychic Abilities

Ritual Magic and Spells for 2015

Ritual In this segment of “Foundational Fridays,” Chief Yuya blesses us with an in depth ritual for greater connectivity to one of the many energies we can invoke to bring ourselves closer to divinity, as well as help solve life problems. As a wise and prudent Jegna, the Chief first discusses the mental outlook that… Continue reading Ritual Magic and Spells for 2015

Is Dust Divine?

Dust: What exactly did our ancestors leave behind? The only good we ever see in dust, is it’s absence when we wipe it away. Removing the tiny particles created by our day-to-day living can become such a tedious task that we tend to leave it right where it is. Dust however, is so much more… Continue reading Is Dust Divine?

What are the harms of freedom, spiritual oppression, and spiritual possession?

What are the harms of freedom, spiritual oppression, and possession? Spirituality is gaining quite a bit more popularity than religion these days. Many people seek out spirituality or spiritual systems in a desire to be free. Some seek freedom from religious dogma and undesirable family traditions.  Others seek the freedom to be anything else than what… Continue reading What are the harms of freedom, spiritual oppression, and spiritual possession?

The Priesthood of Osiris and the Underworld

Osiris In a clip of an interview with the Wu Tang Clan, Old Dirty Bastard tells us, “I already mastered all the human lessons … I had to go to the other dimension where it’s all thought. We call it the land of nobody”. Chief Yuya equates this “land of no body” with the Priesthood… Continue reading The Priesthood of Osiris and the Underworld