Divination: Unlocking Your Intuition

Divination Divination is an important practice in African Spiritual Tradition. Through divination, a practitioner is able to communicate with his/her Ori, Egun, and the Orisha. In this segment of Enlightenment and Transformation Chief Yuya responds to an inquiry regarding Obi divination. One inquiry is in relation to the Obi directions and casting surface information found… Continue reading Divination: Unlocking Your Intuition

Spirituality in Business

Business As above, so below. If you haven’t already figured it out, your spiritual walk is very much intertwined with your business success or failure. Recognize and accept your spiritual gifts so you can value who you are and respect the growth process. Take the time to learn more about the science of color, science… Continue reading Spirituality in Business

Psychic Abilities

Psychic Abilities Divination is an important practice in African spiritual traditions. Practitioners are encouraged to develop their sixth sense in order to divine for themselves and others. Teacher Chief Yuya shares tools for sharpening one’s psychic abilities. Vibration Divination is not cut and dry. Nor does it come easily. To be a good diviner one… Continue reading Psychic Abilities

Ritual Magic and Spells for 2015

Ritual In this segment of “Foundational Fridays,” Chief Yuya blesses us with an in depth ritual for greater connectivity to one of the many energies we can invoke to bring ourselves closer to divinity, as well as help solve life problems. As a wise and prudent Jegna, the Chief first discusses the mental outlook that… Continue reading Ritual Magic and Spells for 2015

December 2014 Odu and Reading

December Reading for 2014 December promises to be an interesting month! Last year, Chief divined for the spiritual gifts, including financial gifts, that were available in the first quarter of 2014 and also for the work that was required on our part, to actually receive them.  Although another reading will be done in January 2015,… Continue reading December 2014 Odu and Reading

The Power of the Egun

Egun The power of Egun – What has become natural is abnormal, what is unnatural and dysfunctional has become natural to people.  Therefore, it’s imperative to acknowledge that we can’t speak about the ase, the collective power, the collective pool of energy and life force of our Egun and ancestors and not presuppose that what… Continue reading The Power of the Egun

Introduction to channeling and mediumship

Channeling and Mediumship Be sure to check out tonight’s show as our Chief Jegna Yuya teaches us about channeling and mediumship! He also provides some excellent tips, and rituals to help you along the way. What is Channeling? What does is mean to be a medium? In this show we’ll cover these concepts and go… Continue reading Introduction to channeling and mediumship

Olokun – Subconscious, Ancestors, Inner Demons

Olokun Olokun is the force and power of the unconscious mind. The sleeping giant, if you will. The name, itself, means “Owner of the Ocean”. Olo- Owner and Okun/kun-Ocean. This powerful water Orisa governs the concept of space and is apart of the triune of powers (Olorun, Olokun, and Onile). This Orisa is the energy… Continue reading Olokun – Subconscious, Ancestors, Inner Demons

Yemoja- The Great Mother!!

Yemoja This session deals with the Great Mother deities and the purpose for invoking them. In this episode we deal with the energy of the maternal force of life. We’ll look at some of the duality that exist within the feminine principle and how those energies balance themselves interdependently. Deities addressed: Yemoja, Auset, Isis, Het… Continue reading Yemoja- The Great Mother!!

Eshu – The Gatekeeper and Opener of the Way

Eshu “Baba Esu is “Onibode” (the gatekeeper between Heaven and earth); known by many names such as Tata Eleggua, Exu, Eshu, Elegba,Elegbara, Legba, and Papa Elegba. Messenger of the Orisa, the guardian at the threshold between the physical and a metaphysical plain; Esu is everywhere. It is said Esu resides at the crossroad, opens and… Continue reading Eshu – The Gatekeeper and Opener of the Way