The To Do List

To Do List Having trouble checking off the boxes on that to do list? It’s hard to get things done when you don’t even know where to begin. In this segment, Chief Jegna, H. Yuya Assaan-Anu reminds us that in order to achieve and maintain success, we must foster a healthy balance between growth and negation.… Continue reading The To Do List

Women & Healthy Relationships

Healthy Relationships Woman is a powerful state of being that very few understand. In this episode of ANU Asafo, the discussion is centered around the importance of facilitating healthy relationships among women and teaching girls to truly love themselves. Women are often ignorant of their creative abilities. Chief Yuya contends that every Black Woman is… Continue reading Women & Healthy Relationships

The Power of Proper Decision Making

Decision Making In this segment of “Thunderground Thursdays,” Chief Yuya speaks on the process for making decisions with all the faculties available pertaining to corresponding facts and elements related to that decision. People make decisions everyday, yet the importance of a sound science–so to speak–seems mostly lost in this process. With wise decision-making comes an… Continue reading The Power of Proper Decision Making

Sustainable Living-Self Sufficiency

Self-Sufficiency This incredibly empowering and enlightening segment of Anu Asafo sheds a much-needed light on the imperative of sustainable living for anyone concerned with real freedom and viable living. KM of Anu Asafo, the offspring of Anu Nation, spoke with the founders of Black Oaks Center, Dr Jifunza and Fred Carter. Permaculture is a branch… Continue reading Sustainable Living-Self Sufficiency

The Priesthood of Osiris and the Underworld

Osiris In a clip of an interview with the Wu Tang Clan, Old Dirty Bastard tells us, “I already mastered all the human lessons … I had to go to the other dimension where it’s all thought. We call it the land of nobody”. Chief Yuya equates this “land of no body” with the Priesthood… Continue reading The Priesthood of Osiris and the Underworld


Hate   In the Foundational Friday broadcast “Hate,” Chief Yuya deals with the concept of hate as it relates to the common vernacular and its deeper, more esoteric meanings and implications. The effects on what is taught to us concerning the emotion or energy of hate has several manifestations, yet are assumed to be based… Continue reading Hate

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day  Red flowers, Red hearts, dress up and makeup all of it topped off with a bit or lot of chocolate. This is the epitome of Valentine’s Day.  A day for love, lust and loneliness and on the flip side it is definitely a day for raging jealousies, break ups and gifts from unwanted suitors.… Continue reading Valentine’s Day

Homosexuality in African Traditional Religions

Homosexuality in African Traditional Religions The title alone is enough to send some people into a frenzy.  Foaming at the mouth the only thing they can say is “NO!” it doesn’t exist and even speaking about you become an agent of propaganda. Last week on ANU Asafo H. Yuya Assaan-ANU took a brave and progressive… Continue reading Homosexuality in African Traditional Religions

Dr. Yew Talks About Health and a Vegan Lifestyle

Dr. Yew Talks About Health and a Vegan Lifestyle   Want to know more about health and spirituality? Dr. Yew Talks About Health and a Vegan Lifestyle Dr. Yew interest in health in wellness came from his father, mother and grandmother.  As time went on he was able to study with a master herbalist and… Continue reading Dr. Yew Talks About Health and a Vegan Lifestyle

Natural Holistic Remedies

Natural Holistic Remedies Natural Holistic Remedies? Come learn about what Dr. Afrika says about health and spirituality This week on ANU Asafo we are pleased to have as a guest the illustrious Dr. Afrika.   Dr. Llalia Afrika is a giant in his field of study of ethnocentric health and nutrition. He started n Psychotherapy and… Continue reading Natural Holistic Remedies