11-23-14 Chief Speaks -Spiritual Gifts and Self Actualization

spiritual gifts

Self Actualization

Let's skip the appetizers and get straight to the main course. That was the first callers energy was like on this episode of 11-23-14 Chief Speaks -Spiritual Gifts and Self Actualization. She called about how she was concerned about people wasting her time. She was dealing with people and they will call her for unnecessary stuff that she thought wasn't important and aggravated her.

Chief explained to her that your time and your effort is part of what the work is about; giving yourself to others as part of the charity for the community. He let her know that you build up your chi or ase' when you give the community your time and energy.

The call then got more interesting. She explained about how she was concerned about seeing her kids die in a dream that included a red candle and about how she was seeing individuals at the funeral who she did and didn't want at the funeral. She began to describe individuals that she saw in the dream how they were mixed race at first, but then they were black they had on tye dye shirts and appeared to be asking her for her time. Chief then explained to her that the individuals in the dream where potentially asking her for help. He went on to mention how people can be a reflection of you and that you attract them into your life because they are an aspect of you.

The next caller was having issues with visualization. She could visualize negative things, like her children dying horribly and the things that she would do to individuals that hurt her kids. She was asking how to stop the visions. Chief told her to accept the visions for what they are. She went on to say that she could visualize negativity, but could not visualize positivity. He asked her why was she having so many dreams about her children.

She explained she had four children of which three were grown. Chief then uncovered  the fact that she was so used to raising her children she didn't have an identity outside of that and a lot of the fear that she was harboring was her nurturing her own concept of being alone in facing her fears.

The next question she was asking was why she was having issues with other priest and priestesses. She wanted to know why the spirit was communicating with everyone but her. Chief let her know that no spirit will communicate with someone else before they communicate with you. You have to pay attention to what's going on and how the spirits communicate with you. You have to listen. When someone gives you some information just listen to it.

He then reassured her, that some of these people do lie and not everyone is as profound and deep as they claim they are. Never get too hung up on what another person tells you. Sometimes you just have to go with your own intuition and trust yourself. You have to deal with issues one thing at a time, the major thing first before you do the all the small things.

The last call was very interesting as well. She asked about repressed feelings, something that we all have issues with. The best way to handle it as he told her was to be explicit and admit what the problem is. You can't go and think you can fix problems without addressing them head on. She explained how she might have made of rash decision and how it was affecting her life. He told her in order to work through it she had to document your troubles and triumphs like a book and be explicit and be honest with yourself.

This show broke down a lot of barriers. You will gain a lot of insight listening to this show. The the callers asked questions that frequent a lot of people's minds, but this show gives you a good heading for how to help heal yourself.

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