Orisha of the Week for Business – Sango on Masterminds Monday



Sango, the Orisha of lighting and thunder. Sango is an Orisha that carries a double-headed axe and represents courage, and fighting through adversity and self-confidence. This particular show lived up to all those expectations. It's one of those shows that will shock you to your foundation and give you a heavy jolt of reality.

Sister Phlyecia and brother Daemon Rawls did a very outstanding and explicit job on this show. They outlined the usefulness of Shango when it comes to business. They came up with the good analogy of Shango being  like Muhammad Ali.

They let the listeners know that Shango is a the most skilled warrior. They explained how Shango has the virility of Ogun and the stillness and wisdom of Obatala. He is a very charismatic and strategic Orisha. This combination makes him a very powerful deity when it comes to business and competition.

They gave scenarios and situations that will be good for an individual to invoke Shango and creative ways for both men and women to work with the energy. They mentioned how Shango is really good for people who need the gift of gab and the ability to get people to follow them and believe in their mission.

Then they went on to show what attributes of Shango  it takes to be an effective entrepreneur. They talked about how mentally strong you have to be to have your own business. They they explained how having your own business is similar to running track. They used the analogy of hurdles and how there will always be obstacles in the way during the race and how you have to be focused and disciplined within yourself to be successful and can't compare yourself to the progress skills and talents of others.

They finished the show off with a good explanation of how in order to be a successful business owner, you have to be realistic and have a plan for your monetary gains. You can't go into a business with unrealistic goals, especially if you're just starting out. They also made the critical point of how mistakes are apart of your progress.

A large amount of your success hinges on how you accept and respond to failure. They made the great point of how failure is not an ending point but an indicator that you're either doing something wrong or something is not meant for you at this time. They finished off by saying that it's okay to break down shop if something just simply is not working. They also said to not be afraid to make changes.

They closed the show out with great examples of how large companies make mistakes, learn from them and still remain to be solid companies. This is one of those shows that will stop you dead in your tracks with all the information and if you're paying attention you will absorb all of it and make immediate changes.

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