Become a Leader or Be Lead – The Purpose of Self government



I'm a boss, I run things, I don't need anybody but me, I'm the head of my household. We have heard these cliché statements in various environments from various individuals from all walks of life with their own perspectives of what a leader is. People say these things quite often, but what do they really mean by it, what are they really saying?

In this episode on Thunderground Thursdays Chief Yuya broke down the difference between a leader and self-government. He started off explaining how he got started down this path by working in the school system. He realized that you could teach the children but,  if the instructors and the organizers of the curriculum are not upholding the culture and the directives that he set forth then the student could be easily reprogrammed back into their formal way of thinking.

This is very pivotal, when it comes to teaching and leading people. Instead of spoon-feeding them answers and solutions, you give them information that will help them realize their full potential and convert it into kinetic manifestation.

People who are followers usually seek out leaders because they truly don't want the accountability of self-government because you don't have to wholeheartedly follow and commit to the same mission as the leader because the leader does everything and gives everything to the follower.

Not only does the leader take the majority of the responsibility especially if the leader is imposing concepts onto the follower if the leader is not wrong or if the leader's plan does not work the follower will just blame the leader for it and will not take any accountability for what they have done themselves.

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