Live Open Forum Q&A-Thunderground Thursday



On this live Q&A segment of Thunderground Thursday, Chief Yuya breaks down the concept of wisdom gained through spiritual education and experience.  Preschool, kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, high, school, college, and grad school etc. During our life, do we go through these educational phases for the titles, for the experience, or just for the fun of it? In this country education is not valued nor looked on within the proper context.

Chief Yuya broke down how people have a tendency to get addicted to the process of gaining spiritual wisdom. They get caught up in the tools, herbs, and cards associated with readings and other spiritual work. This can lead to an unnecessary dependence on readings.

The reason that this is bad, is because when you get addicted to readings and other spiritual work, it limits the abilities of your own intuition. The whole purpose of readings and spiritual work is to make you smarter.

A lot of people don't want the accountability of being smart. They would rather rely on an outer source of intelligence giving them Yes and No answers as opposed to using their own good sense.

This usually happens when people don't hold themselves accountable for their own actions. He also mentioned that the same people will then turn around and question the advice that they get from the reader. He reminded everyone that the reader does this every day and the reason we go to the reader is because the reader knows more than we do.

Chief also reminded us that a lot of times the reader doesn't even have to cast because they understand the question and they use their wisdom gained from dealing with the oracles regularly. He also mentioned that his goal is to empower his listeners so that they can become smarter and not put themselves in certain situations.

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