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Ahhh the sun; so useful. It gives us light, heat, and sometimes wakes us up in the dawning. But this particular time it served as inspiration for Sister Phylecia Tarael ANU's segment on The Power of Spirit.
On this show sister Phylecia told us how she was enjoying her dawning run one day and the sun inspired her about the connection and usefulness of spirit.  It helped her see the connection of spirit to nature and nature to balance.

She explained how tuned the animals are to nature with an illustration on how out west one of her colleagues explained to her how prior to an earthquake the animals will start moving to higher ground for no noticeable reason. She described how she always took a liking to animals and often uses the Native American medicine cards that use animals as totems during her readings because animals are one with their spirit.

She also mentioned how we don't use our spirit or listen to it when we should. Some of us just don't like to ask for things and won't resort to our spirit in times of need. She likened the spirit to a navigator and it often puts challenges in the way to help one grow and evolve.
She made a good point on how at times depression can set in when we don't follow our spirit and when it doesn't align with the soul.

In order to get the full benefits, you have to get the momentum started by feeling how you feel because the feelings are indicators of where your spirit is . Feel the full range of feelings and don't suppress or dwell on them because they are not the end all be all.

She made a great point on staying goal oriented and keeping sight of the big picture. She posed the question "Am I creating situations and if so, can I avoid them by shifting my awareness?"

She then touched on how the orisha are aspects of our selective consciousness that reside within us to aid in our healing. She used Shango as an example of us facing our fears and how this energy gives us strength to face our challenges.  They help us learn the lesson our soul is trying to teach us.

She finished up with a good analogy of how the ancestors look at us like crying small children and how they can relate to us because they've been there before. Because how small children think the world has ended and they are so hurt but once they see another child crying or in anguish they stop and attempt to console them because they understand the emotion.

Great show, lots of information to reflect and meditate on. She recommended a good way to do that is to spend one hour a day either in front of your shrine or meditating, working out or doing something that will keep you connected to your spirit. To get started, sign up for classes with the Sadulu House Spiritual Center.

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