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game of life

Game of Life

The beloved Thunderground Thursdays is one of those shows that you must have your mind right for if you're going to listen to it. On this episode of Thunderground Thursdays, Chief Yuya tackled the very touchy subject on how life is a game and and how to play it. Shakespeare said that life is a stage and we are just actors. That's the best way to sum this show up.

Chief started the show out by saying that a lot of people feel entitled to certain treatment and positions, but don't do any work to get there and they don't have the credentials for the position. He said many people want to play the game, but don't want to sacrifice to do what it takes to start or master the game.

There are a lot of people that come to the table with nothing but they feel entitled to have a high position in the game. He said in order to play the game properly, you must have the right tools. The best strategy to play the game is to be original and be yourself. He made a good point of saying that people don't like playing the game because they always lose.

He then elaborated on the reason that they lose the game. The reason they lose the game the way they do is because they won't learn the rules of the game. He said the best game is no game. And that can be done by being original. In order to be successful in any game you must learn the rules, and once you learn the rules you have to learn how to manipulate them to your advantage.

This is one of those shows that's not for everybody. You can't have your head in the clouds and try to listen to a show like this because it will bring you all the way down with a heavy dose of reality. But all the information in the show was needed for a lot of people. He mentioned how the phrase game recognize game is applied in the real world.

Chief also broke down how some people get exposed by being around people who are being original. Some people are so fake and fictitious that even when people tell them they don't have to act the persona they're trying to live, they still can't stop because they feel that their fakeness is effective.

He said the best way to function and play the game properly is to be original and not suppress who you are by no means because that strips your power. He made the great point that people get tired of the game because they spend so much time portraying to be something that they're not.

Instead of constantly trying to show people who they think you should be, it's just easier to just turn into the person you acting like by fixing your insecurities so you can be this interesting person that you are claiming to be.

He finished off by highlighting how you should be focused on your own game plan as opposed to focusing on your opponent's plan. He gave a good analogy about Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier.

Joe had his own game plan and wasn't dazzled by Muhammad Ali's skills. That's how you got to play the game of life. So now it's time for us to get in the mental gym sharpen up and get at it.

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