The Power of Harmony



Ever feel off balance, awkward, or uncoordinated? The solution may be simpler than you think. In the spiritual community, we hear about harmony and balance all the time, but do we really know how to harness the power of harmony?

In this episode of Foundational Fridays, Chief Yuya breaks down the meaning of the spiritual power of harmony.
In the show leading up to this episode, Chief reminded us that the seven seals can either imprison you or free you. He broke down how to find and use wisdom in harmony.

Chief broke down the symbology of the drum as well as the symbology of Shango and what his tools represent. He explained why the drum is Shango's instrument and what it symbolizes.He broke down how the drum symbolizes harmony and the masculine and feminine principles of the different drums used by Africans.

He dropped some heavy information on the differences between the djembe and the conga drum. He highlighted the healing and the creative properties of each instrument. He also explained how which drum channels energy and in which way.

He encouraged us to learn how to drum with basic homemade instruments such as cowbells, bottles or whatever creative way you can create a drum. He also encouraged us to try to learn to sing, dance, and drum at the same time.
He explained that this is a good way to see if we are in or off balance with our inner spirit.

He finished the show off with giving examples of artists who knew how to channel energy with the drums such as Baby Dodd and King Oliver.

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