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wind power

Wind Power

In this segment, Chief Yuya discusses wind power and breaks down the element of air or wind. For anyone that studies or practices any  spiritual system, understanding the elemental energies is fundamentally important.

The Yoruba language is very intricately designed. It uses tonal variations of the same word to give different meanings, all while tying together a much grander overarching concept. The Yoruba word for wind is afefe (with a dot under each ‘e’). The word for divine breath or spirit is emi (also with a dot under the ‘e’).

Interestingly, if you remove the dot from beneath the ‘e’ in emi, and just wrote it plainly, you'd have the word for ‘I’. Air also deals with speech, which is formed by exhaling while manipulating the vibratory pitch. It represents intelligence, potentiality, change, introspection, the spirit, and spiritual gifts.

Wisdom of Air

The wind is often symbolized by fans, birds (wings, feathers, etc.), and flowing garments; it is usually personified as a quick-witted trickster, a monk, or some form of nobility. A great deal of wisdom and mystery surrounds this element primarily due to the fact that we cannot physically see the wind, only its effects.

This teaches us a great deal about the nature of the spirit or spirits. We seldom identify with things that our eyes can't physically detect. This can cause confusion in our lives since we're constantly affected and literally blindsided by the very things we choose to dismiss as unsubstantial.

Air lies in the northern quadrant of Ori on the Ori Opon. It symbolizes our highest potential and spiritual gifts which have not yet condensed into physical reality. This also teaches us that the blessings of life are always available to us; however, the quality of these blessings depends upon the gravitational pull of our internal and external environments.

Rain, for instance, is always in the atmosphere. It is not until water droplets condense enough to precipitate, or become heavy enough to fall under gravity, do we experience what we call rainfall.

The wind reminds us to pay attention to the causes of things rather than their effects. By steadying ourselves through proper breathing, introspective thought, and an accurate survey of our surroundings, we can gain clarity about what is affecting us and, more importantly, where these effects are stemming from, which is usually internal. It’s much easier to see clearly on a calm day than it is while trapped in a tornado of our own emotions.

When we begin to tap into that nature and realize our potential, the internal wars that often distract us from our personal missions will give way to a much more lucid experience.

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