Credibility vs. Trustworthiness – What’s the Difference



In the fourth installment of the Leadership series, Chief Yuya covers the concept of credibility and the seemingly acute difference between being credit-worthy and being trustworthy.

Real vs. Fake

As we move into the Age of Aquarius, it can be a hassle sometimes to keep track of everything that’s going on. One of the biggest problems we seem to face is finding credible sources for the cascades of information coming at us from multiple angles.

While sifting through documentaries, chat rooms, podcasts, and the like, it can sometimes feel like they’re all screaming for our attention. This makes it increasingly difficult to separate the real from the fake.

In the previous installments of the leadership series, Chief has covered the concepts of Honor and The Warrior Code, Character, and Integrity. This segment, however, gets a bit tricky.

At first glance, Credibility seems like a natural topic when discussing the prerequisite traits of a leader. However, looks can be deceiving and one of these things is not like the other.

So what is Credibility? And why doesn’t it fit so well with these other concepts?

Credibility, or to give credit, comes from the root, creo or creed. A creed is a statement of belief and belief is simply the mental acceptance of something as being true driven by an intense desire.

Vulnerability and Even-Handedness

Ultimately, credibility is not the trait of a leader or a warrior, but the trait of a salesman. A salesman tries to convince you to buy their product based on how well they present it. They draw your attention to the quality of their sales pitch rather than the quality of what they're actually selling.

A warrior, on the other hand, shows and proves. They're able to gain your trust whether you want to believe in them or not, through demonstration. So, it is Trustworthiness, and not Credibility that we must seek to cultivate in ourselves and look for in others.

Whether or not you can believe in a person or idea is not the issue. The issue is whether or not the subject in question is willing and able to maintain its integral structure. In short, can you trust them?

The best way to discern a person’s level of trustworthiness is through the lens of vulnerability. While credible people tend to play to your sensibilities, warriors are straight up and aren't afraid of risking life or limb in the interest of doing what they know is right.

So, are you Credible, or are you Trustworthy? The best way to learn how to trust others is to begin the process of trusting yourself.

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