Realizing Your Goals & Entrepreneurs and Mental Health-Master Minds Monday



Sometimes we need an “edge” to reach certain goals. In this segment of Enlightenment and Transformation’s “Masterminds Monday”, the topic of goal pursuit is augmented with the added power of spiritual science. This show features Phylecia Anu and Damon Rawls.

Many things can contribute to the process of attaining goals, and one thing in particular that was mentioned in the discussion was “preparation.” To pursue goals, one must have a clear path to said goals. This could be something as simple as keeping ones environment conducive to pursuing goals.

Two reasons goals may not be realized practically are failure to crystallize goals in ones mind and failure to write goals down and prioritize them. A good example given is to tackle a small number of goals (say two or three) in a quarterly time frame. The goals below the top chosen focus goals are not even thought about until the first goals are attained; this simplifies the technique working towards goals and lightens the mental burden.

Assessment, mapping, compartmentalization, and incremental work are powerful tools that structure performance from start to finish. The interesting point of knowing one’s self, made by Phylecia also plays a role in reaching ones goals. Tendencies to overestimate your speed or time usage can get in the way as well.

Damon mentions “Smart” goals; smart being an acronym for “Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely.” Calling upon ancestors and Orisha can help in that your power of calling upon more focus and strength from your etheric guides can help you in the material realm, providing your work in using the proper energies and orders are done.

Realistic analysis is key in working toward your goals as unrealistic goals burden the mind with expectations beyond practical means. When set backs occur, the high expectations amplify the immediate failure, making it appear much worse than it may be. Also, realizing the different stresses for the various levels of responsibility.

For example: Employers have much more responsibility than employees; therefore, that higher level of responsibility should be quantified properly in order to appropriate mental, physical, and spiritual resources to the tasks. Seeking help from Orisha, family, and community are tools that should be used as extensively as needed to stay in balance with one’s self, and with the universal energies that will ultimately help you reach your goals.

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