The To Do List

to do list

To Do List

Having trouble checking off the boxes on that to do list? It’s hard to get things done when you don’t even know where to begin. In this segment, Chief Jegna, H. Yuya Assaan-Anu reminds us that in order to achieve and maintain success, we must foster a healthy balance between growth and negation.

What Is Negation?

To negate simply means to make negative. No, not bad - just negative. Consider the structure of the 42 Declarations of Ma’at; they either contain the words, “I have not…”, or “I will not…”. The “not” is the negation and without it, these declarations of innocence quickly devolve into one long criminal confession.

In order to affirm and confirm these negations with any semblance of integrity, we must engage in daily, objective introspection in order to distinguish our most realized selves from those habits, thoughts and ideas which no longer serve, thus stagnating who and what we really are.

The "Do Not List”

This can also be called internal feng shui. The do not list is actually vital to counterbalance our desires for growth and evolution. Chief warns us of the counterproductive and harmful effects of over-zealousness when approaching the to do list. In most cases, less is more.

Because western culture lionizes those who appear to achieve success by leaps and bounds, we are often tempted to follow suit.This does more harm than good.

For example, whenever we see someone, especially in our own age group, attaining what we may consider to be some of the benchmarks of success, we feel an enormous pressure to increase our productivity and "do more". We become restless and forget that everyone grows at their own rate, thereby running the risk of comparing ourselves and our journeys to those of others.

Redefining Success

Chief urges us to make a determination about success and whether or not we’re ready for it. Like so many other things in this culture, we tend to approach success from the outside in. We look at the images that are presented to us or take hints from our friends, families and associates but seldom stop to appreciate what we bring to the table.

This 'copy & paste' model for success often leads to depression. It can have you running around in circles, working yourself to death but never actually producing anything.

Chief urges us to look inward and analyze the things we spend most of our time doing. Are these habits beneficial or hindrances? And how can we negate the things that are holding us back while introducing healthier habits that will propel us forward in a balanced manner? Understanding ourselves and planning properly are key because, “…if we can’t properly visualize, then we really can’t properly manifest.”

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