How To Find a Quality Spiritual Adviser, Scams & More



In this segment of the Thunder ground Thursdays show, Phylecia Anu speaks about How to Find a Quality Spiritual Adviser, Scams and More.

Points that are so informative that they constitute somewhat of a spiritual lesson within themselves, Phylecia gives the listener working knowledge on how to go about the business of finding a spiritual adviser and avoiding scams in a competent fashion. One can start by listening to the voice within: the intuition. Knowing exactly what is needed is one of the first prerequisites to sound research.

Be sure to correlate your experience with your actions; know cause and effect. Phylecia gives the outstanding example of this type of self-evaluation as the following: If you are treating people horribly and are isolated as a result of this behavior, deep self analysis will yield proper answers as to why your life is the way it is. Therefore, you need not start with the question of why your life is the way it is. You can advance to the question, “What can I do to remedy my behavior?”

This starts you at the proper point of your journey to rectify this issue and also saves time by, among other ways, reducing the chances of you being taken advantage of simply because you did not delve deep enough to solve this aspect of your problem with your own intelligence. The inclination of people to run away from their own faults is a common leverage point for scam artists who know to feed you external blame and sell you “tail chases” rather than true answers.

Should your adviser be a friend to you, learn to separate being friends from being a client receiving a service. Being a loyalist could easily lead one to continue following an ineffective protocol out of guilt and imaginary obligation.

One of the surest ways to find a quality spiritual adviser and avoiding scams is to do thorough research on your prospective guide. Often, websites where there are testimonies, comments, reviews, and examples of teaching style will paint a holistic picture of services provided, and also the quality. The more public the adviser, the better the vetting probabilities.

As a bonus, Phylecia explains how the Anu online classes have made the study of great material very customizable. Although no longer live classes as they started, online classes are completely malleable to your schedule and subject to review as many times as you need them to be. The spiritual education ultimately gives deep insight and scam protection by enhancing your senses, spirit and mind progressively.

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