Women & Healthy Relationships

healthy relationships

Healthy Relationships

Woman is a powerful state of being that very few understand. In this episode of ANU Asafo, the discussion is centered around the importance of facilitating healthy relationships among women and teaching girls to truly love themselves.

Women are often ignorant of their creative abilities. Chief Yuya contends that every Black Woman is a witch whether they know it or not. In African Spirituality witches are referred to as the Iyami, Wadjet and/or Aje. The Iyami or Witch is a woman who can manifest the seen from the unseen and bend energy instantly.

The Iyami are an independent phenomenon. An individual would not make offering to them in exchange for something. They help people only when compelled. In contrast to the Orisha who require offering or ase to effect change.

It is of great importance that women develop healthy relationships with the feminine nature. Only then can they function as powerfully as they were meant to.

For instance, a woman on her menses represents the Iyami energy so strongly that she is an unhindered creative force. Blood is liquid Ase and proves to be very powerful in ritual work.

Women would do well to get back to the practice of learning from and teaching one another. A community of powerful women can change the world. What often stands in the way of this community is jealousy.

Jealousy between women undermines the inherent power of the feminine. It breeds contention and dissuades women from bonding and projecting much need change. It is imperative that women practice creating healthy relationships with one another.

Yolanda Robinson, founder of The Little Princess Summer Club understands the importance of cultivating the feminine all too well. She has watched girls and young women struggle with loving themselves and others. To reverse this pattern, she created LPSC.

LPSC is a private mentorship program located in the Philadelphia area. It serves girls ages 8-12 and fosters education, life skill building, and increased self-worth. Yolanda believes that providing positive female role models will make a positive difference in the lives of participants.

Imagine all that women could birth if they stood together empowered.

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