Osumare: The Spirit of the Rainbow



African Spiritual Tradition teaches that all aspects of nature have consciousness or spiritual energy. This energy can be found in a blade of grass, a stone or a bird. Consequently, even the Rainbow possesses consciousness.

The spirit of the rainbow is referred to as Orisha Osumare. In this episode of Foundational Friday, Chief Jegna Yuya provides listeners with an overstanding of what Osumare represents.

Osumare or Osunmare, as it is sometimes spelled, is a very special Orisha. For it is very rare to find an Orisha with the suffix "mare". Typically one only finds the suffix "mare" in the title Oludumare. Oludumare is the supreme energy of the universe i.e. God.

One may also notice that Orisha Osun's name is present in the title. Chief breaks down the name as follows. The letter O represents the ownership or spirit of something. Osu means the source, the moon, or the spirit of the source. Osun is also related to the menstrual cycle.

"Mare" has several meanings attached to it including serpent, deepness, the essence and the immensity of power. Great feminine energy is represented in the term Osumare.

Osumare, the rainbow serpent is only possible when 2 elements are present. These elements are water and sunlight. When the sun's rays hit water at an angle of 42 degrees a rainbow is manifest. The colors of the rainbow actually represent the colors of the chakras.

In essence, Osumare or the rainbow is an external archetypal representation of kundalini energy. Kundalini is the unobstructed flow of energy through the chakras, from the root to the crown. We are not meant to linger in any one chakra house, they are stepping stones and should be viewed as such.

Osumare is the roadway to unleashing divine consciousness. The divine rainbow serpent provides us with the opportunity to connect with our destiny by traveling through the inner self. This powerful Orisha provides an infinite gateway of immense power.

How does one connect with this Orisha? How does one encourage the rising of the serpent? Chief instructs listeners that kundalini is raised through the divine breath of life. Breathing exercises are the key to raising chakra energy and to connecting with Osumare.

Our destiny is a journey and it is the bridge within that we must travel.

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