The Power of Proper Decision Making

decision making

Decision Making

In this segment of “Thunderground Thursdays,” Chief Yuya speaks on the process for making decisions with all the faculties available pertaining to corresponding facts and elements related to that decision. People make decisions everyday, yet the importance of a sound science–so to speak–seems mostly lost in this process. With wise decision-making comes an informative social feedback: a satisfactory result.

The Chief cites three very important principles decision-making should be based on. They are: bravery, creativity, and use of the principles of Ma’at.

Bravery is needed for pragmatism; especially in today’s world where people are engineered to operate through emotions, rationale must rule the actions that follow a stimulus. Though it sounds somewhat misaligned with the topic of decision-making, bravery is not all that easy when many people around you may be searching for emotional or egocentric validation.

Creativity appears to be a superfluous element involved in the decision process, but mastery of this component alone can sway public opinion in your favor, despite having to make “unpopular” decisions. A simple example would be someone having to decide which friend out of two prospects will be the best man at his wedding, without offending the other. A creative solution could be to break foreign tradition and have two “best men:” one could hold his ring, and one could hold his consorts ring.

Ma’atic balance: a principle that elicits the faculties of intelligence at one’s command. To know the tenets of Ma’at and, also, the effective application of said tenets is a direct reflection of one’s intellect. Hence, one reason the more we age the better decisions we make–usually. Justice will flow from the end result of this type of decision-making when Ma’at is involved. Ensuring, as the chief explains, that all parties involved are equally and, or, proportionately considered.

As you can see, we may need to take a closer, more in–depth look at the decision-making process. Since our lives are a direct reflection of our decisions, this is an imperative topic of study and cognitive practice.


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