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As above, so below. If you haven’t already figured it out, your spiritual walk is very much intertwined with your business success or failure. Recognize and accept your spiritual gifts so you can value who you are and respect the growth process.

Take the time to learn more about the science of color, science of smell, and other symbols used in businesses all around you. Think about the scenery in a nail salon or Chinese food carryout; you will definitely see the Buddha statues with fruit and other offerings. Think about the large family owned corporations with large, beautifully framed photos of ancestors along the walls in entrances and Board rooms.

There are subtle signs all around. Learn and use the knowledge to your advantage.

Spirituality as part of your daily life

As you embark on integrating spirituality in business journeys, you’ll sharpen your intuition and leverage that to make critical decisions. Eventually, you’ll be able to perform divination on essentials such as where your business should be located, what type of business to start, who you should hire, and more.

Sometimes we chase money and opportunities that are not in alignment with your growth plan. Having a personal connection with the orisha aids in preventing as many mishaps as possible…. there will be mishaps.

Revitalizing your energy by grounding

Grounding is the process of connecting yourself to the Earth. The Earth is covered with electrons, negatively charged, which keep us healthy. When we’re not connected, we are more susceptible to illness. Spiritually, it helps to calm and bring us back to center, which directly impacts your divinity.

Grounding is a huge complement to using spirituality in business. The process puts us on the same energetic pathway as the Earth’s frequency, helping us to navigate our physical world as well as emotional, mental and the spiritual world.

What other reasons are grounding used for? Grounding works exceptionally well when you’re feeling rushed, stressed, overwhelmed, clumsy, panicked or drained.

Give it a try and feel the immediate results!

How do you get grounded?

When it’s warm outside, you should walk barefoot for at least 20 minutes daily in grass or on soil. You may even lie flat on the ground / grass so your whole body is charged with the negative electrons. If you need a blanket, use one made of natural fibers like cotton, wool or silk.

There were two other exercises shared by interviewee, Tamu Ngina. Be sure to listen to the entire broadcast and have a pen and pad ready. You’ll want to write the steps down and do the exercises as often as you need to.

A starting point for working with orisha

Consider working with the following as you start the process of using spirituality in business:

  • Oshun for law of attraction and wealth
  • Ogun for removal of barriers
  • Yemoja for instilling order
  • Shango for courage and leadership
  • Egungun (ancestors) for a myriad of strengths you already possess based on those who were here before you

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