Are You Using Your Spiritual Gifts or Are You Hiding From Them?

spiritual gifts

Spiritual Gifts

Of all the radio show options provided by Chief Yuya, my absolute favorite is the Chief Speaks show, which is the root of this post. Callers tend to ask not just one, but several questions they’ve been longing to find answers to. This particular series is typically two hours long and they’re chock full of great nuggets of spiritual wisdom.

In this episode, guests asked questions about homelessness, religion, abortion, karma, inter-dimensional travel, butterflies and more. Chief Yuya shed light on recognizing and utilizing spiritual gifts. Allow me to share with you.

We are largely influenced by our current environment, our upbringing, and ancestral energies. Sometimes we know what our gifts are, and other times we are clueless. Discovering our spiritual gifts is a process… and, it’s often something we learn unintentionally – maybe through night visions, starting to see repetitive signs, hearing the same phrases, or noticing things shift in our day-to-day dealings.

For those aware of your spiritual gifts, but aren’t using them, you may feel unfulfilled, stuck in undesirable situations, or an overwhelming feeling of fear. Spiritual gifts are intended to be used for greater good, so hiding from them only prolongs your growth process. If you embrace it, you’ll learn more quickly and believe it or not, someone needs what you have - it’s probably you!

Reinvention is critical.

How does life feel when you are moving in the wrong direction?

Sometimes you feel trapped. Other times you feel a heavy heart. You may even feel secluded or suicidal.
You deserve so much more! You know that insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. However, that doesn’t stop you from repeating this dis-eased process. Take control of your life and embrace change!

Have you ever heard the saying, “burning bridges?” It equates to being able to take decisive action. Look around you and figure out what’s not working. As long as you have things in your environment that don’t work, the message you send to the universe is you want to keep the level of dysfunction that you are working at.

A bridge represents new opportunity. Look in a new direction.

How do you get unstuck?

Social programming and oppression often hinders our ability to utilize our spiritual gifts or even realize them so you have to put in the work to take action. Utilize your wisdom, your elders, resources such as what’s provided below, and of course your intuition.

Determine what tools are needed to do the work you need to do. Symbolism is really critical here.

Here’s an example of a symbol you wouldn’t recognize as a spiritual tool: one of the callers referenced traveling to other dimensions and always having a comb with her. Chief Yuya advised her that the comb represents removing knots in life, and is also great for removing hate. Imagine that! She was helping other spirits by combing their hair, hugging them, and healing them with peace. Her tool is a comb!

Pay attention to the signs! What symbols are always present in your environment or night visions? Don’t ignore them. Meditate and trust your gut.

You may even have to change your routine because that creates a spirit you may need to discontinue feeding.

Use the power of your intuition

We are powerful beings! Use caution, especially when using your spiritual gifts to do work on behalf of others. You may inadvertently create a karmic imbalance, which could require you to get elders involved to repair.

Ask questions of whomever you’re considering doing work for and use your intuition to be guided further. Be direct and tell people what they really need to hear. This is not the time to be a bobble head! Truth is the best gift you can provide yourself and others.

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