Motivation vs. Motion: What’s Moving You?



Motivations can make or break any dream...

If you've ever listened to a motivational speaker or read tons of self-help books only to find that you're in the same mental space you were in  before you started, then you're definitely not alone. Many people look for the motivation to accomplish their dreams, but never really stop to consider what motivation actually is. When we lack innerstanding or understanding, words tend to go in one ear and out the other. This almost guarantees that very little change in behavior will occur.

What is Motivation?

In the Thunderground Thursday segment titled, Motivation, Chief Yuya defines "pure motivation" as movement based on logical and conscious thought.  It is the drive that builds up within us when we consciously decide that we should do something and for a very strong reason. An internal need to over come a challenge, a certain inspiration, or our desire to grow are different examples of pure motivation.

A view on the different types of motivation is also offered in this segment. Intrinsic or pure motivation is described as our movements that are based on our sincere desire and conscious decision to move. Extrinsic motivation is described our moving because of someone else's sincere desire to make us move in a certain manner. Our biological needs which are, for the most part, out of our control are also described as extrinsic motivations because they occur or demand our attention without thought on our part.

The dominant society on this planet has created a plan based on logic. The majority of the minorities tend to move according to that plan, even when we strive to break away from it. We are forced to create a plan that can only exist within its plan and utilizing structure of power. Because of this fact, many believe they are moving according to intrinsic motivation as opposed to being moved by the virtually invisible hand of extrinsic motivation.
A  young man told me years ago that in the military he was taught that if ever he was captured, his automatic order was to never stop trying to escape. Is your life being guided by the invisible hand of another person's plan? If you consistently try to escape the oppression of a controller, do you have any reason why you are. What do you plan to do once you're free?
Why do you strive to learn more? Why do you want to know yourself better? Why are you reading this blog? Why haven't you done what you know you should be doing?  "Why?" is a vital question to ask and should be asked from moment to moment until you completely innerstand what motive-ates you!
A gem that Chief Yuya offered during this show is that, "When our motivation is not aligned with our life's purpose, our words tend no to match our actions."

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