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In this segment of “Foundational Fridays,” Chief Yuya blesses us with an in depth ritual for greater connectivity to one of the many energies we can invoke to bring ourselves closer to divinity, as well as help solve life problems. As a wise and prudent Jegna, the Chief first discusses the mental outlook that gives rise to the proper vibration to effectively charge the ritual. A low vibration brought into a ritual will only bring low vibrational results; therefore, one must strengthen the ashe as much as possible to coordinate the energy needed.

It is the Will (and focus of that Will) that determines the effectiveness of one’s work in ritual magic, along with a balanced respect for the spirits or deities. To expect to lord over deities or have deities lord over you is not a balanced disposition, and a practitioner runs a heavy risk of becoming misaligned with their intention and original purpose. An example of this is fear of the spirits or energies and interpreting manifestations as “bad omens” which often perpetuate a fearful pathology. This would, of course, affect future work adversely.

The Will and focus are your greatest tools in the world of magic, and they are forged by your knowledge and ability to access cosmic energies; thus, study is not only necessary, it is essential. Sincerity and objectivity further solidify your success, keeping the low vibrations of human thought and attempts at quantification out of your rituals. As the Chief says, “One cannot learn the higher self using the lowest part of the being.” One must, instead, bring forth the highest part of the being, the genius within, or the “Djinn” in realization of the power you possess for transformation to occur.

True power encompasses all of your being–not just knowledge, but love as well. Knowledge expands, but it is love that transforms. The ritual Chief Yuya gives in this broadcast calls for: cotton, olive oil, honey, 5 eggs, spring water and a white bowl. Also needed are a wooden bowl/gourd; a clay pot, which is smudged by cinnamon burned over charcoal incense; white chalk, cam wood, almond oil and various other materials, which are all covered in great detail in the broadcast.

The ritual is simplistic yet elaborate enough that even the beginner can sense the power with which it connects ones consciousness to the items involved in order to “charge” a purpose.


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