In another installment of Thunderground Thursdays, host H. Yuya Assaan-ANU continues to break down the qualities of leadership. He indicates that a good leader must possess honor, character, and integrity.  Integrity is the focus of this session.

Integrity is the foundation of leadership. We often associate the word integrity with moral uprightness, but Chief Yuya indicates that this is not the correct definition. Integrity actually refers to something that is untouched.

Within the warrior code, integrity means that one is able to maintain wholeness without being influenced by outside circumstances. In architecture, we question the integrity of buildings and structures. Will this building stand up to opposing forces?

Integrity means we are always in alignment with our intention, we do not allow anyone or anything to blemish it. Integrity is a reference point which must be protected and honored. Chief contends that a person without integrity sways like the wind and is not fit to lead.

Listeners are reminded that the connection often made between integrity and perfection is false. Perfection is death and stagnation. Perfection indicates completion.

A person who displays integrity is not perfect. Having integrity doesn't mean that we can't get better. Having integrity means that our integral structure will remain intact no matter what situations we face.

Chief supports this notion with an example of Orisha Ogun. Orisha Ogun  and Orisha Oya were once married. Oya cheated on Ogun and left him for his younger brother Orisha Sango. In spite of this betrayal Ogun must continue his work as an Iron smelter, he must continue his work of advancing civilization.

Relationships demand integrity. Even our relationships with Orisha demand integrity. When one develops this very important characteristic he/she becomes equipped to receive the ire and blessings of Spirit.

Chief encourages those looking for spiritual leadership to determine if teachers are coming to the table with integrity or ulterior motives. When food doesn't have integral structure the body does not get the nutrients it needs.

The same is true for spiritual teachers. If their teachings don't have integral structure students will not get the knowledge they need.

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