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In another episode of Master Mind Mondays, host Phylecia Tarael-ANU enlightens listeners on how to invoke Orisha Yemoja and her energy of manifestation. The Great Mother Yemoja is rarely associated with business but is an excellent Orisha to call on for success in business endeavors.

In the Yoruba Spiritual Tradition, Orisha Yemoja is the energy of motherhood. But how does this relate to business? Being a mother takes management skills. Mothers must effectively manage the home, children and their time.

Orisha Yemoja is also a great help in the initial planning stages of business. In her balanced state, she works to ensure plans come to fruition. In her imbalanced state planning occurs but implementation is lacking.

It is Yemoja who moves us from the planning stages to actual manifestation. An aspect of this planning energy is her ability to gather resources. Like the squirrel, Yemoja is very good at taking account of what's needed.

Orisha Yemoja represents the energy of nurturing as well. A baby is nurtured in the womb before it comes into the world; just as a business idea is born in the mind before being made manifest.

Ideas and businesses must be developed and nurtured. It is counterproductive to sit around and wish for things to happen. One must put forth the effort necessary to bring about the manifestation of the brainchild.

The Orisha are not only cosmic representations, their respective energies lie within each of us. A balanced Yemoja energy is a confident leader who acts with integrity. An imbalanced Yemoja energy is bossy and feels the need to control everything and everyone.

Let us not forget that the Great Mother also has a warrior aspect. Warriors seek victory. Yemoja is very good at helping those who call on her, secure victory and success in their field.

It is she who offers support in implementing plans and manifesting the seen from the unseen. A great resource on the Yoruba Spiritual Tradition and Orisha Yemoja is HRU Yuya T. Assaan-ANU's book Grasping the Root of Divine Power. Purchase your copy on today!

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