What are the harms of freedom, spiritual oppression, and spiritual possession?

spiritual oppression

What are the harms of freedom, spiritual oppression, and possession?

Spirituality is gaining quite a bit more popularity than religion these days. Many people seek out spirituality or spiritual systems in a desire to be free. Some seek freedom from religious dogma and undesirable family traditions.  Others seek the freedom to be anything else than what someone in their past attempted to dictate for them.  Freedom from oppression is normally the goal.

In the Thunderground Thursdays segment titled, “ Freedom and Responsibility,” Chief discussed a possible danger of having a free mind:

“One of the dangers of a free mind is the belief that your notions and your knowings are so absolute and so powerful that you’re now in a place where you can impose them over other people.  You can’t have freedom and at the same time be a tyrant or have liberty and be a dictator. What will happen is that because you are expressing and projecting two different things from inside of you, you will eventually destroy yourself.  For example, if you are Master and Slave, the Master in you is going to seek to dominate and oppress the Slave in you.  The Slave in you is going to seek freedom and escape from the Master in you.”

A true “free-dome”, or free mind, can be a glorious force to have.  Its possible side effects however can be deadly. The idea that the only two options available on earth are that we can be spiritually free or religiously oppressed is pure myth. Within the realm of spirituality, there exist many dimensions.

Where freedom’s tricks can come from within, spiritual possession comes from a place outside of us.  In Chief’s Foundational Friday segment, “Oppression and Repression,” Chief offers the following view:

"Spiritual possession typifies the idea of another force, idea, or thought projection completely taking control of an individual’s body and emotions and subduing and encaging  an individual’s spirit.”

The person possessed is, in a sense, “intoxicated” by the spirit of another for a short or long period of time.  The effects ofpossession can be obviously witnessed in the sudden and great changes of one’s speech, emotions, and behavior.


Spiritual oppression on the other hand, is a combination of both our consent (conscious or subconscious) and the negative intentions of someone outside of us.  In the above segment, Chief offers a description of spiritual oppression for us to consider:

“If an individual is filled with righteousness, then they cannot be possessed but they can be oppressed. Spiritual oppression is when you have a seemingly external force affecting your life and involvements through various means – usually through the mental.  Spiritual oppression is a much more subtle spiritual condition and can often go undiagnosed, though the symptoms are apparent for those who have the eyes to see exactly what is going on."

An example of this is an exchange of energy known as “hexing.” This is the act of encouraging a person to relax their personal power, so that they willingly accept what another person has intended for their life or way of being.  In order to receive what another person has planned for your mind or body, you must choose to accept that them as a dominant force in your life.

To get solutions on how to resolve spiritual oppression and possession and to also gain insight into the roles of demons and angels

in our lives, check out Chief’s blogtalk radio segment below:

Spiritual Oppression and Repression

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