The Priesthood of Osiris and the Underworld



In a clip of an interview with the Wu Tang Clan, Old Dirty Bastard tells us, "I already mastered all the human lessons ... I had to go to the other dimension where it's all thought. We call it the land of nobody".

Chief Yuya equates this "land of no body" with the Priesthood of Osiris and the Underworld.

DMX once referred to himself as "Divine Master of the Unknown", Professor X of the Xmen had "the ability to tap into and control the subconscious of everyone on the planet."

Teddy Pendergrass, Curtis Mayfield, Rick James, R. Kelly.... all of these names relate to the Priesthood of Osiris and the Underworld.

Some clues to this archetype include: the letter x, sunglasses, unpredictable behavior, canine energy, wheelchairs, drug abuse, sexual deviance, early death, and regenerative power.

ODB makes a cryptic reference to "twelve monkeys" which Chief ties to the baboon. "Ba" means "soul" and "boon" means "moon" (making "baboon" the "soul of the moon"). "Baba" also means "father".

Asar is sometimes shown with the head of a baboon and like the baboon, he "got around". The green color of his skin is thought to symbolize fertility and vegetation. Desolate as this "land of nobody" may sound, the Underworld - otherwise known as the ancestral realm- is vibrant with elemental energies conspiring to bring about new life. Another name for Osiris is "Onefer" which means "brings forth goodness".

So how did this ripe symbol of regeneration and spiritual purity also become a symbol for perverse behavior and social destruction?

Asar is both the flooding and the drying of the Nile, and we are in the time of the drought.

Chief talks of the importance of Sight when thinking about the Priesthood of Osiris and the Underworld

These individuals absorb our collective shadow and then reveal it to us in a way we cannot ignore. Those things no one wants to remember or acknowledge, those secrets people die with, the hurtful acts happening all around us that none of us can see.

Chief says they are "bringing the realism of our world to us in a way that is very integrated for them in that they're actually the ones doing some of the most debaucherous, hurtful, and destructive acts to themselves, and putting it on display for the world to see".

The task of reminding us of the knowledge we habitually reject must require an unusual degree of detachment from everyday human emotions, and a lack of concern for social expectations. As ODB says: "I have no feelings for the future. Feelings is emotion and that's like physical matter. I told you I'm from the land of nobody."

So what is in it for us to see the dark truths?

There is a strong theme of interdependence in the mythology of the royal family. Auset needs the seed of Asar to preserve the royal lineage through baby Heru. To protect Heru, she relies on the power of sisterhood as well as the help of the solar bark (her cosmic community).

Another important component of Heru's protection is the scorpion. The scorpion acts as both protection and threat. Similar to the hidden truths of the Underworld, if the scorpion is not seen, it may attack from behind. Yet once integrated into our awareness, the knowledge of our collective darkness encourages wisdom and resilience.

To secure our place upon the Throne we too must embrace the wisdom of the Eye. By integrating the dark knowledge shown to us by the Priesthood of Osiris and the Underworld with care for our selves, families, and communities, perhaps we can resurrect more than we once believed possible.

How would these Osirian characters, particularly those charged with drug addictions and sexual exploitations, fare in the Ma'atic judgment scene? Morality is relative, and actions we find reprehensible and unfair may be in some form of perfect balance.

"You can feel bad," Chief Yuya says, "But don't feel shame." Shame is self-punishing, and makes us want to close our eyes to parts of society and parts of ourselves.

In the greatest sense, these sons of the Priesthood of Osiris and the Underworld are sacrificing their physical existences to remind us in the most blatant way of the work that we still need to do if we want the goodness to return to the river.

"While we're here the air will be polluted but we will keep raining. Period."- ODB

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