Orisha Osun; The Law of Attraction and Success in Business

law of attraction

The Law of Attraction

Orisha Osun is often associated solely with sexuality, but she represents so much more. In this episode of Master Mind Mondays host, Phylecia Tarael-ANU teaches us how to use the energy of Osun and the Law of Attraction to be successful in business.

In the Yoruba tradition, Orisha such as Oya and Ogun are normally associated with business. Yet, Osun works wonders for business as well. Her energy is especially helpful for store front operations. She can be invoked to attract customers.

Orisha Osun epitomizes the Law Of Attraction and is also helpful in attracting good business partners and creating camaraderie among employees. As the allure of procreation, she is very good at bringing people together. Call on Osun for unity in your business.

The Orisha, through sacrifice, offer cosmic formulas which manifest certain outcomes. Therefore, we may tap into our internal Osun energy for the wisdom of magnetism. She is, after all, the only Orisha that can get the 24 hour Ogun to stop working.

Abundance is yet another aspect of Orisha Osun's energy. Business owners may work with Yeye Osun to draw in an abundance of money, customers etc. Just like the flow of her sweet, fresh waters you may ask that currency flow into your business.

All business owners hope to master the Law of Attraction, but this is not always possible. Sometimes individuals suffer from internal blockages which hinder abundance. Internal blockages may include resentment of money and a having a bad personality.

Osun's waters possess cleansing and healing abilities. In working with the Orisha, one may be healed of negative perspectives of money and a bad personality. The book Millionaire Next Door is a great resource for those who want to understand wealth and the people who possess it.

Orisha Osun is the energetic vibration of love, attraction, abundance and beauty. Use the Osun energy to beautify your business, attract customers and cultivate abundance.

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