December 2014 Odu and Reading

December 2014 Reading

December 2014 Reading

December Reading for 2014

December promises to be an interesting month! Last year, Chief divined for the spiritual gifts, including financial gifts, that were available in the first quarter of 2014 and also for the work that was required on our part, to actually receive them.  Although another reading will be done in January 2015, we were gifted with an additional one for this month of December 2014, that although was done for the Anu family, can benefit everyone.

The results have one central theme: Charity.  This past Thursday, Chief gave us some insight into what charity truly means in the Thunderground Thursday show titled just that, "Charity."  In it, he shared with us his views on the emotions behind true giving, what it can bring to the heart of the people we gift to, and also some benefits of being charitable with the spiritual gifts that we were given that we benefit from.

In this December reading however, we have also been encouraged  to also see ourselves on a different side of the fence: as the receiver of someone else's charity.  The Odu for this month, Otura Ofun, indicates that this is a month of prosperity and our ability to be prosperous over the next 30 days will be directly linked to our ability to adequately perceive the blessings of both giving and receiving.

A strong emphasis has been placed on our willingness to be emotionally vulnerable and available to others who have a desire to connect with and to share with us.  Our need to "pay back what is given to us," should be relaxed a bit and gratitude and an attitude of receivership should be allowed to step up.

In willingly receiving from others, we are in turn giving them the gift of LETTING them love us. Balancing this open mind with our open hearts of also being charitable toward others with gifts from our hearts, will be key to being prosperous this month.

This reading also provided more areas of focus, such as the roles of certain energy formulas in our lives, including Obatala, Oya, and Ogun.  The fiery aspect of Ogun that should be focused on is "Alada Meji," which speaks to the dual benefit of clearing a path, which is to make a way while structuring a space to build. "The simultaneous actions of culture and innovation," as expressed by Chief.

In the airy essence of Obatala, we are encouraged to be balanced in our emotions and expectations. This is to ensure that while we are being vulnerable to others, we do not become completely enveloped and lost in their desires and their path. A very delicate balance to strike.

Oya's watery and airy aspect of aggression, swiftness, strength, and power comes into play in this reading. More so for women, this indicates a swiftness in which one will grow into their power and state of truly being a woman.

Duality and the spiritual gifts of the Ibeji are also present this month, further supporting all the dualities discussed above.  In addition to the balances of giving and receiving, emotion and logic, and feminity and strength, their influence encourages us to directly re-assess the thoughts of our mates and their sincere dedication to the paths that were once agreed upon.

Far being simple, this reading calls on us to reevaluate our extremisms and to use these balances to prosper in the month of December 2014.

To listen to the summary of the reading given directly by Chief Yuya and with even more insight and tidbits of wisdom, check out the show by clicking below:

Spiritual Gifts for December 2014

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