Ori and the Soul: What is your life’s purpose?

Ori and the Soul

As Above So Below

Analyzing the seats of the Orisha Energies Within

"As above, so below."  This phrase is thrown around often, among "conscious" crowds.  Ifa offers the term "Ori" to explain the exact path from our "Origin" to us and between us and others.  It is our portion of the divine "spark" that is encoded with our destiny. Its components are seated in certain chakra points within and above us.

In the list that follows, these components are listed from "Above" to "Below" or better yet, simply "Without" to "Within" to describe the path by which the two are connected:

Ori Iponri

Our original "form" of pure energy or "true spirit body" that manifested first, from our original energy source.  Our Ori Iponri also resides in one of the first realms created by that source. That realm is termed "Orun" in Ifa and has also been called "Heaven" in various cultures.

Ori Ode

Our "outer head," or physical head. This may even refer to our brain.  It houses the next three Ori portals.

Ori Atari

Our portal to our Ori Iponri. It is located at the crown of our head.  This is the point where our "silver cord" or chain connects us to our original and true spirit self in Orun.

Ori Iwaju

Our portal of clairvoyance. It is located near the center of our forehead, at our brow. This First Eye (often referred to as the, "Third Eye") is the portal through which we are able to "see" the underlying meaning of things.  This "seeing" is also called our "psychic ability."

Ori Ipako

Our portal that connects us to our extended family. It is located at the base of our skull where the skull meets our spine. This portal connects to our ancestors.

Ori Ara

The temple created by our Ori Iponri that houses the portal to our higher self. It also houses the set of portals that allow us to learn from every being in life (our set of five senses.) The Ori Ara is our physical body.  Our Ori Iponri manifests our thoughts that create all matter including cells. This means that because our "true spirit self" created our body and surroundings, the shapes and sizes of our body parts and the details of our lives, can offer great insight into our higher purpose.

Ori Inu 

The portal through which we travel to the astral realm. Located inside our "navel," it begins our path to our Ori Atari and "beyond." This usually happens via meditation or dreaming.  The Ori Inu is the seat of our inner consciousness or "Divine" awareness.

It is what we call, "the voice in our heads," though being the portal through which our mothers fed us the blood of our ancestors, it is actually our "gut intuition." It is the container (or maybe even  womb) of the other Ori components and explains why a clean diet provides a calmer and clearer comprehension of life.

*******Your COMPLETE Ori should be consulted before you consider seeking assistance from A-N-Y entity outside of your self.*******

It connects you to your Higher Self and its originating spark.  Its portals can be tampered with however, which could very easily place us at the mercy of others. Each portal should consistently be kept clear, strengthened, and maintained.  If you've read this, feel free to comment below with the different Orishas you've noticed that exist throughout our Ori.  😉

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