Procrastination: Is it a spiritual phenomenon?



Procrastination: Is it a spiritual phenomenon?

When I started the Anu Spiritual Training course, I was sure it would be a breeze. I thought I was pretty self-disciplined and beyond prepared to have my ideals and perceptions challenged. Fear and an over-inflated ego are good for that.

In my first few days, I was excited! Excited to start a new journey. Excited because I'd begun the classes I put off for so long.  Excited to ask a forum full of students questions about our studies.  Just plain...excited!

Not long after that, reality started to set in and my began joy died down. I'd assumed that this "simple online class" would require a lot of thinking and writing and that's all.  I couldn't have been farther from the truth.

It turns out, I'd signed myself up for hands-on training. Hands on myself. Hands on tools I'd never used before. Hands on pen after pen after pen for constant study.

Somehow, I'd missed the fact that the Anu Spiritual Training was designed to enter every aspect of my life in a wholistic way. Since I was looking for an easy road to discovering my life's path, my period of procrastination to come, was inevitable.

This is how I've responded to the lessons, so far:

  • Lecture 1 – I thought it was cool because I was just starting, but I took the words ridiculously for granted!
  • Lecture 2 - I felt like a fish out of water because I was afraid to mess the assignment up and not get out of it what I thought I should.  (A result of taking Lecture 1 for granted and breezing through the pre-requisites!)
  • Lecture 3 – I really focused on because it promised to open your eyes wider about your path (and it did!)
  • Lecture 4 – Would give almost anyone novice of spiritual studies reason to pause and pause I did: FOR MONTHS.
  • By Lecture 5 – I felt like this assignment was so in-depth that I'd never have time to do it and actually feel the need to do it again because it wasn't "perfectly" done (though I know better, one more time won't hurt!)

The risk of being faced with our worst fears while dealing with any new connection, is always lurking. Many times when we least expect it, those fears suddenly materialize into our reality. If you’ve ever experienced a “Deer in the headlights,” type moment where a situation sat you down or had you running circles around yourself for far too long, know that if you value growth at all…..those moments will never stop coming.

Chief Yuya’s Thunderground Show “Procrastination,” gives a rare and spiritual view of its source and offers practical tools for helping us to get through Oya’s transitional moments and Esu’s crossroads-type lessons, time and time again.

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