Sound Vibrations: What does our intention dictate?

Sound Vibration

Sound Vibrations

Sound Vibrations: What does our intention dictate?


I used to try as hard as I could to sing notes designed for Sopranos. The problem is that I'm an Alto and a second alto, at that. For those of you who never sang in a choir, know that this means I have a low voice. I do not hit high notes so easy.

Within my attempt to pretend to carry high notes I, of course, developed many sore throats as a youth. In addition to the fact that I yelled almost daily as an adolescent, my being hoarse came as frequently as my sore throats!

See, not every set of vibrations is for every body. What may be another person's range of "tone," may not be our own. As a matter of fact, the tone that matches someone else's response-ability is not ours either.

Intention clearly emits a tone of its own and comes with its own set of consequences or rewards. Sounds from television, radio, and other tools of mass communication can be manipulated. How is this possible? What does sound vibration have to do with how easily some can be deceived, as opposed to others?

As taught in the Anu Spiritual Training, the word "thing" is an inadequate term when describing all that we interact with on this planet. "Force" is a more accurate term, since atoms are the basic tools of creation and their energy is ever moving.

A plant is a force. Each of its components emit certain vibrations that interact with ours. Our organs are forces. Our blood is a force. Our thoughts are forces.

These forces produce very specific types of sound waves. The direction in which they flow are determined by certain actions. Our ideas of them depends upon the density of an object and can even be changed by the source of the sound. Heat, space, pitch - all of these play a role in how our brains perceive sound.

In this Foundational Friday show, "Sound Vibration Agenda," Chief offers great insight into the vibrations in and around us. What makes us more or less susceptible to a sound or lesson? How can we tell the difference between a vibration that comes from a Divine source or any other source?

As thoughts emit sound vibrations, what does this mean about those who are skillfully psychic? Are our intuitions linked to sound? How about our emotions?

I'm sure we all agree that elements are forces as well. How might the energy of an element affect or fold into our perception of sound? Does the particular manifestation of an element change the outcome of a sound's receipt? Or does every element produce the same vibration no matter what form it's in?

My suggestion is that you have your pen and paper ready when listening to this show. Its knowledge content is as dense as each and every show offered on the Enlightenment and Transformation Channel. Also, true-to-form, you will walk away with practical wisdom that you can use as soon as the last second plays out.

After you listen in, leave a comment below to share your thoughts of how sound affects us in our daily lives and add to the enlightenment and transformation of every other person reading this article. Enjoy.

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