The Heart And Soul Intelligence

the heart and soul intelligence

The Heart and Soul Intelligence

In this broadcast entitled “The Heart and Soul Intelligence” our host and Chief Jegna of the Sadulu House Spiritual Center, H. Yuya Assaan-ANU appears as a guest on the Dr. Alim Bey show and teaches us about the deeper meaning of the heart.

It was here that I learned that while the word Okan means “heart” in the Yoruba tradition, its meaning or purpose is not linked to amorous feelings of romance or love but rather it’s the seat of the heart and soul intelligence. This is where our Ori or our highest self resides. This is the source or the laboratory where we go back to in order to learn and spiritually evolve and transform.

This concept of the heart comes from the Yoruba tradition. In Yoruba the word Okan also means “1”, signifying the okan as the source.

In the Yoruba tradition the understanding of the heart is connected to the Orisha Ogun. It’s Ogun who brings the brutal truth of the heart and soul intelligence. The machete of Ogun delineates between ego and truth.

Separation Between What We Know and What is Actual: Chief teaches us about various traditions whether they be Kemetic, Yoruba, Grecian, Hindu etc. because he teaches us to learn the symbology and universal truths that reside in each of them. While the various spiritual systems are distinct in many ways, there are underlying themes that reveal their oneness. Despite the different paths to higher consciousness, if a path is lit by the intelligence of the Okan, all will converge on the same road of truth. Love and truth bring about transformation.

The heart and soul intelligence is accessed by going into the darker depths of ourselves and not being afraid of the brutal truth that exists there.

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