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Death Note Decode

“People will recognize you from the energy and aura that you walk with and it is created by the integral structure of your character”.

H. Yuya Assaan-ANU returns home in one peace after a brief interaction with homeland security.  In this week's episodes he offers information about the movie Death Note.

There are those charged with the protection and safety of the people.  We trust them to catch the bad guys, protect our rights and be good servants of the people.

We are sold…I’m mean told about the wars, the diseases, and the terrorists that create them.  In our air conditioned house with that oh so comfy couch we listen to these stories while government agencies softly tighten our bonds.

In name of a better world, a safer world, a more secure world each and every one of the citizens of America is scrutinized.  Whether we update our information and status on a social network or if our email accounts are flagged and read on a daily basis, either way it becomes data.

But what if the protectors had an effective and new way to control the crime rates and every criminal suddenly met a timely death, all with the stroke of a pen.  A better world could be within our finger tips and it would take a person of considerable understanding to make it happen.

Or so the anti-hero Light in the movie Death Note thinks.  Light is a high school student who suddenly becomes disgusted with the world and all its sickness.  He suddenly becomes the possessor of a note book called the Death Note and with this is able to kill anyone if he knows the person’s name and face.

The spirit of death named Ryuk drops the book to Earth because he was bored and so the action begins. Ryuk can only be seen by the person who touches the Death Note. He is a neutral character only there to observe

As Light continues to kill the criminals he begins to believe that he is the only one qualified to do the moral cleansing and become the God of the new world that he is creating.

His adversary L is another high school student, who is a genius, rids the world of criminal with the power of his brain while generally remaining anonymous.

Light and L are two aspects of God, the masculine aspect and the feminine aspect.  L the dark aspect is autistic, doesn't socialize well, no one knows his face and he is trying to uncover the mystery of Light while Light who is popular and one of Japan’s finest students is trying to understand the name of L.

The violence and danger begins to subside and the public begins to adore Light for his work and since they do not know him they give him the name of Kira or killer.

Too much light can blind you or even kill the ideals  you hold so dear and too much darkness can plunge you into apathy and the loss of  your humanity.  This is the imbalance within that needs to be corrected and then we can look out to the world and see that balance reflected.

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  1. Hello Chief,

    I love your Movie Decoding. If you are still doing this segments I would suggest Princess Mononoke (1997) by Hayao Miyazaki which is full of mythology, deities and insights. And also I think of Hayao Miyazaki as magician who not only does magic but brings it into our lives. He has many other anime movies and each of them shines as a masterpiece, nothing from him can be in the range of average.

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