Ifa the Special Prophet

Ifa the Special Prophet

Ifa the Special Prophet

Ifa, the Special Prophet

Who develops the children in our community?  When it comes to character development, there isn't much conversation centering on it. Too often the Afrakan children spend much of their time consuming television and developing warped personalities.  I know I did. Television was a staple, it came with breakfast and dinner only because when lunch time rolled around I was in school and recess was more compelling.

As an adult in the process of reclaiming my mind, I find that the way I look at relationships, family rearing, masculinity and femininity have been defined by a culture outside of one that identifies with me and I with it.

But there are those who recognize the validity and importance of rearing our children in an Afrakan centered home. As H. Yuya Assaan-ANU always says, Afraka is a concept and when on our sankofa journey we should take the best parts and move forward as well as learn from the mistakes that were made.

On ANU Asafo this week, we have Awo Eric Mason as a guest as well as Dr Kola Abimbola.  Awo Mason, originally from New Orleans, is a business owner and accomplished educator.  He is currently developing a home school curriculum steeped in the Ifa tradition in order to develop the child’s character.

He feels that there are some critical areas that aren’t being met in the Orisha practices specifically in terms of rearing a child because it is focused so much on the adult.  He’s interested in the media, developing TV shows and movie, that is child centric and Orisha centered.

His curriculum include cosmology, character development, and the nuts and bolts of everyday living by comparing different movies and books and discuss the development of our people.

It is our responsibility to leave a legacy for our children.  They are not only the future but also our ancestors and it would do them a dishonor to neglect their elevation.

It is Awo Mason’s stance that the Orisha are an immensity that we cannot actually comprehend.  The literature and scripture available is just a shadow of what the Orisha are and have been given to the world in order for us to lead better lives.Ifa the Special Prophet

Baba Abimola is Awo Mason’s teacher and mentor.  From his lineage the understanding of who and what Orunmila is has many layers. Orunmila is considered the prophet but he is a prophet of a special type because he’s message is not the message of God or the Supreme Being.  It is his own message.

In Yoruba philosophy there has always been four super natural powers in existence. “In the beginning there were four and the word was with Orunmila”.  Olodumare, the high God, Ifa or Orunmila knowledge and wisdom of the universe, Eshu is the universal police man and Obatala the creator of man, animal life and plant life.

Baba Abimola dropped some serious knowledge on ANU Asafo this week.



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